New Miss Pahrump wins two categories and the title

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<p>Horace Langford Jr. / Pahrump Valley Times - Skylee Memmott was crowned Miss Pahrump 2014. She poses here with her court Anna Strange (1st Attendant), left and Courtney Murphy (2nd Attendant). There were eight contestants in the pageant held Saturday evening at Saddle West.</p>
<p>Horace Langford Jr. / Pahrump Valley Times - Josie Bane played the during for the audience during the talent competition at the Miss Pahrump Pageant Saturday evening.</p>
<p>Horace Langford Jr. / Pahrump Valley Times - Kayla Sova struck a pose in her stunning gown during the formal wear competition. Sova receiSved the Director’s Award for best attitude, being punctual, always attending workshops and rehearsals and most improved.</p>

Skylee Memmott, 16, was crowned Miss Pahrump 2014 in the pageant held Saturday evening at Saddle West.

Anna Strange was crowned 1st Attendant and Courtney Murphy was crowned 2nd Attendant. The girls accepted their crowns from 2013 1st Attendant Hailey Meads as the reigning Miss Pahrump Brittany Leavitt was unable to attend due to a family illness.

Director Debra Bowman said the girls all “did very well. They practiced and practiced and practiced,” she said.

The one major difference between this year’s competition and that of previous years was the interview.

In this pageant, the girls were asked an on-the-spot question instead of having a private interview conducted one-on-one with the judges. Each girl answered the same question and all were sequestered where they were unable to hear the answers given by the other contestants. Bowman said there was a little hesitancy but most of the girls remained composed.

The girls were judged in five categories.

Most photogenic went to Skylee Memmott while Sariah Bowman won the casual wear category.

Anna Strange won the talent competition by showing off her sewing skills and displaying several outfits she had made. Bowman said it made a good presentation.

Sariah Bowman also won the formal wear category and Skylee Memmott was poised and composed answering the question. Savannah Greenup was voted Miss Congeniality by her peers.

Bowman said there was a Director’s Award given to Kayla Sova for the most improved of all the girls. “She had the best attitude, was always punctual and she attended every workshop,” Bowman said.

Other contestants included, Josie Bane and Kailey Murphy.

Memmott was very excited to have been crowned Miss Pahrump. “I just recently moved here,” she said. “The girls were so warm and welcoming.”

Memmott said she learned a lot of things by going through the various workshops offered by the directors. “I learned how to walk the runway in heels and look good doing it. I also learned to speak clearly into a microphone to make myself heard even at the back of the room.

The new Miss Pahrump has a platform on anti-bullying. She said the slogan is “It isn’t big to make others feel small.”

Memmott plans to start with the elementary schools and make presentations to the students. “First they must be able to define what a bully is and make a decision about their own position. Are they being bullied? Are they doing the bullying?”

She wants to have the teachers become involved by having a sealed box in the classroom where students can write down their feelings about what is actually going on between members of the student body.

Memmott said the only person with access to the box will be the teacher who can address comments that have been left and “deal with the issues privately, so there will be no embarrassment.”

“I think youth are intimidated when it comes to speaking out about their feelings. This way it can be done anonymously.”

“I want them to learn to be confident in who they are and not let the words of another cut them down.”

She said some bullies are just seeking attention and bullying is one way to get it.

It is the responsibility of her 1st Attendant Anna Strange and 2nd Attendant Courtney Murphy to be with her during these presentations.

Memmott said her court will also accompany her to events such as grand openings and ribbon-cutting ceremonies.

In reference to the judges, Bowman said all three were from Las Vegas.

Cheryl Parks teaches elementary students through the arts. She uses music, drama and other humanities programs in her volunteer work with over 900 students.

Ryan Thornton is a very polished and published writer and actor. He has had parts in “Fiddler on the Roof” and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat.” He has toured with a performing troupe and has designed major Christmas displays and for a Coca-Cola display on exhibit during the Olympics.

Laurel Rocher is an interior designer in Las Vegas and has won awards for her staging work in model homes. She is very involved with the Catholic community.

Bowman said the 2016 Miss Pahrump pageant will be one to remember. “The pageant will celebrate its 40th year and we are trying to get in touch will all the former Miss Pahrump queens from years past … wherever they are.”

She said it’s going to take a lot of effort to bring everyone together and wants to start on the project now. The best way to get in touch with Bowman is at to email


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