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Diva: Make popovers in a muffin tin

Why are people so crazy about popovers? It could be the combination of the golden, crisp exterior and the melt-in-your-mouth tender interior. But I believe the thing that makes popovers truly irresistible is the thrill of opening the oven door to see what spectacular heights they reach as they “pop over” the top of the muffin tin.

Divas: There’s a secret to cooking London broil

At least once a week I get an email like this: “My family loves a good steak but it’s out of our budget. When I buy cheaper steak, like London broil, it always turns out tough and chewy. Is there a way to cook London broil and have it turn out tender and juicy?”

Divas: 5 steps to make the most of the new year

There’s a famous story about a philosophy professor who fills a jar with golf balls and asks his class if the jar is full. They say yes. Then he adds pebbles to the jar and lets them fill in the space between the golf balls and asks “Now, is the jar full?” The class answers yes. He next adds sand to the jar and asks the class again, they answer yes. Finally, he adds water to the jar filling all the space between the sand, pebbles and golf balls. The class agrees, now the jar is truly full.

Divas: The next big thing in little food

Every few years a food trend emerges that has everyone excited to hop on the foodie bandwagon. This year, everywhere you look, there are little tiny sandwiches! But, with a wow factor. I see them at catering trade shows, in print, on Pinterest, and at parties. I love that the miniature sandwich concept is so versatile and totally accessible. Who doesn’t like a cute little sandwich? It means we can eat more of them, right?

Diva: Cozy up with hot chocolate on a stick

Gourmet hot chocolate on a stick? Yes! Please and thank you! The perfect holiday recipe for delicious blocks of chocolate ganache that are stirred into hot milk and melted to make rich, creamy hot chocolate. Almond or soy milk are delicious as well. But wait! This candy is a multi-tasker. You can also enjoy eating it right off the stick for a very decadent treat.