Beatty board celebrates quiet summer of solitude

Anyone looking for fireworks in Beatty this summer had to be satisfied with the ones on the 4th of July.

Unlike those in some other Nye communities, there certainly were none at the Beatty Town Advisory Board meetings.

About the only thing approaching disagreement or controversy is Erika Gerling’s misgivings about spending significant money to upgrade and expand the Community Center’s kitchen facilities. Some other board members would like to make it into a commercial-grade kitchen capable of preparing food for large events. As treasurer, Gerling is always reluctant to spend money.

The board has, however, spent smaller sums on a number of things over the summer, from additional fire hydrants to a portable reader-board sign.

At the last meeting in August, resident Mike Wehmeyer jokingly asked it this was the beginning of a “sign war,” since the board opted for a lighted version of the sign after seeing one the Sourdough Saloon had acquired.

Perhaps how smoothly things have been going lately is reflected in an e-mail Commissioner Lorinda Wichman sent to be read in the Sept. 9 meeting. The board had become accustomed to regular attendance at its meetings by then Commissioner Joni Eastley.

Wichman wrote, “Board and attendees please know that it is my intent to stay out of your way until and unless you need my help. My absence from your meetings is not to be interpreted as a lack of interest, but as confidence that you are doing a wonderful job without an officious intermeddler. At anytime (sic) I will welcome your calls and emails and should you find there is something I can help you with I will be there in a flash.”

Two seats on the board are coming up for re-election — those held by Gerling and by Randy Reed. At the Sept. 9 meeting the board set Oct. 25 as the cut-off date for persons interested in running for these seats to submit letters of interest.

They also set Nov. 25 as the date for the election, which will only be needed if more than two letters of interest are received.

The board also set Sept. 30 as the date of its next meeting to give secretary Carrie Radomski time to post the agenda after returning from vacation. During her vacation, Sept. 13-23, Amina Anderson will cover some limited office hours.

During reports, Anderson said that the Beatty Museum will be hosting another art show soon. The exhibit, entitled “Wally’s World,” will be installed late next month, but will officially open Nov. 9 with a reception by the collector.

Anderson also said that there is an opening on the Beatty General Improvement District Board of Trustees.