DVH partners with Southern Nevada women’s health group

Desert View Hospital announced last week that a new partnership with a Las Vegas-based women’s health group will bring new services to the hospital campus beginning in May.

Women’s Health Associates of Southern Nevada (WHASN) is set to open a new branch of its practice at the DVH campus on May 6.

The group will share a building with the Mountain Valley Physicians Group, located across from the DVH Emergency Room at 360 S. Lola Lane.

Dr. Donna Miller and WHASN President Dr. John Martin, along with a number of other physicians from WHASN, will offer a full range of services to Pahrump patients, including normal pregnancy care, high-risk pregnancy care, well-woman care, management of all forms of gynecologic diseases and menopausal management.

The group’s services will also reportedly include gynecological surgery, which will be performed locally at DVH.

“We’re excited to provide OB/GYN services at Desert View Hospital,” Martin said in a statement. “We’re looking forward to all working together to provide services to an under- served area like Pahrump.”

This will be one of the first collaborative efforts between the group’s physicians since WHASN was formed through a merger of many smaller Southern Nevada practices into the group it has become today.

Although physicians from WHASN will primarily provide gynecological services to begin with, there are plans to evolve services in Pahrump to include obstetrical care in the future.

“We have met with that group several times and are most impressed with their quality of health care,” said Kelly Adams, CEO of DVH.

Scheduling information is forthcoming and will be available within the next two weeks. For more information call DVH Marketing Director Meagan Kowalski at 775-751-7120.