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IN PROFILE: Bonnie Bates

BUSINESS: Lakeside RV Resort Manager

AGE: 56

BACKGROUND: “I worked my one and only job in residential housing for the developmentally disabled, 19 of those years I was the director.

“When I went to work here, I was in the customer service office. I accepted the manager’s position just recently.”

FIRST JOB: “I lived in a very remote community. The closest movie theater was 45 minutes away and my high school graduating class was only 10 people. I went to work with the developmentally disabled right out of high school.”

YEARS IN BUSINESS: “I moved here in 2008 and went to work at the RV resort.

“Golden Casino Group is a member of the Chamber of Commerce but I do most of my volunteer work through my church. Now that my hours are more flexible, I’m looking forward to exploring options.”

PERSONAL: “I’ve been riding a Harley-Davidson since 1986. I love spending time with my family and in my church and I do a variety of arts and crafts.”


“I’m very supportive of this community. I love it and have no desire to move. People tend to work together.

I went to work for an already established business, so I don’t know what it’s like trying to start a business here.

“I think people should keep purchases at the local level before seeking other resources.”