IN PROFILE: Emanuel Sas

BUSINESS: Owner Pahrump Valley Pharmacy

AGE: 32

BACKGROUND: “I’ve been in the pharmacy business since 2001. I started as a cashier and then a technician before I went to pharmacy school. I worked as an intern before I graduated and became licensed as a pharmacist. I also have an MBA.”

FIRST JOB: “I worked in my family’s convenience store in Vancouver, British Columbia.”

YEARS IN BUSINESS: “I moved to Pahrump almost a year ago and opened Pahrump Valley Pharmacy in April. The business is doing very well, but I find I’m spending all of my time here. I’ve had several local organizations ask me to join them but with my work schedule, I can’t attend the meetings. We have participated in some community health fairs with free blood-pressure checks. We were a drop spot for Toys for Tots and we held a fundraiser here for the Hemophilia Foundation.

PERSONAL: “My wife and I have a new baby and I love spending time with my family and quality time with friends.”

BUSINESS CLIMATE: “Pahrump has most of the services people need right here without having to go over the hill. It’s a small community and the businesses support each other. The most important thing is to give good customer service and create a loyal customer base. The customer is always first. To have a business here, you have to be 100 percent committed. You need to enjoy what you do.