IN PROFILE: Jennifer Parzik-Benda

BUSINESS: Co-owner

AGE: 36

BACKGROUND: “I’ve spent time in law enforcement before going to work for Front Site in firearms training. I started a new business making and selling jewelry and charms supporting the second amendment. G-I-Janes is now a registered trademark and three other patents for the products are in process.”

FIRST JOB: “I worked for Montgomery Ward as a retail sales clerk”

YEARS IN BUSINESS: “I have lived in Pahrump for four years and been in the workforce here since I arrived.

“We are members of the National Rifle Association, the VFW and have recently been approved by the Better Business Bureau. We promote the Orphans of Fallen Soldiers, the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation and breast cancer awareness. Locally, we support local charities with items to auction or raffle.”

PERSONAL: “I’m highly dedicated to firearms training for people with disabilities to show them they can defend themselves. I like a challenge and tend to seek them out.”

BUSINESS CLIMATE: “It would be nice if the retail space along Highway 160 would rent for a reasonable price. The foot traffic for small businesses isn’t what it should be. The big box retailers should stock the products for the locals. I shop locally as much as I can but when I shop for supplies for my products, I find myself having to order from other places. It would be nice to have other forms of entertainment here, like a movie theater. I like the small community atmosphere but there isn’t a reason for people coming from California to come here.”