RPC staff urges rejection of bumper boat plan

An apparent technical error prevented the Pahrump Regional Planning Commission from taking any action on several agenda items during its Wednesday evening meeting this week.

The commission will officially pass action on the items at a future meeting, though the agenda items did include staff recommendations, including to deny a conditional use permit for a bumper boat business along State Route 160.

Applicant Tynia Dickson requested the permit to open the attraction at 231 S. Frontage Rd.

Dickson described the business as a 44,250 gallon artificial body of water utilizing roughly 1,960 square feet for a 50-foot diameter circular pond, three-feet deep.

The RPC’s staff report stated that the conditional use did not appear to be appropriate in appearance with the general vicinity, which is across the highway from several large retail outlets.

“The subject property is an undeveloped vacant lot with a chain-link fence, with no paved or hard-surfaced areas for the parking of vehicles, and no landscaping exists. The applicant is not proposing to install a paved parking area or landscaping, or other improvements except for the pond and deck. The proposed parking area is an unpaved dirt portion at the front of the property,” the report stated.

The report also cited the use of such a facility may be hazardous or disturbing to existing or future neighboring uses.

“The proposed use would be adjacent to an existing restaurant. The use may be hazardous or disturbing based on the lack of an adequate on-site paved parking and vehicle circulation area. Customers would back out into the Frontage Road right-of-way. There does not appear to be a sufficient vehicle maneuvering and circulation area either existing or proposed,” the report read.

Water use was yet another issue the RPC staff urged rejection of the idea.

Commission members were also scheduled to discuss whether to reinstate a grandfathered use designation for the reopening of the Country Express Convenience Store and Deli along North Highway 160.

According to the RPC’s agenda material, the owners, Heather and Erika Tomkowiak, say the property was brought up to code after a complete renovation. The location had served as a store on and off for more than 20 years.

The convenience store closed in 2011 after a fire caused damage on the second floor.

The report stated that the store sustained both smoke and subsequent water damage but the structural integrity of the building, walls and floor was not compromised.

The owners also stated that the initial hours of operation will run from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., if the RPC application is reinstated.

Although no action was taken by the planning commission, RPC staff found sufficient justification to recommend approval for a Conditional Use Permit.

The application for an animal sanctuary was also recommended by RPC staff.

Donald Fratt requested a permit to allow Chinese crested dogs and sphynx “hairless” cats on property designated as Neighborhood Commercial (NC).

Fratt stated on his request that he will have nine dogs, which are described as a small “toy-size” breed, and more than 10 of the Sphynx “hairless” cats.

The report states that the property consists of a single parcel, roughly one acre in size located at 920 W. Basin Ave.

“It is bordered to the south by Basin Avenue, a paved county-maintained right-of-way. The site is rectilinear, relatively flat, laid out in a north-to-south orientation, and contains no unusual land features. Upon extensive review of the application, Staff finds sufficient justification to recommend approval. It appears that the requested Conditional Use Permit will not be hazardous or disturbing to existing or future neighboring uses; additionally, the use does not appear to be detrimental to any persons, property, or the general welfare by reason of excessive production of traffic, noise, smoke, fumes, glares or odors,” the report read.

The animal owners sought the permit to adhere to new county ordinances limiting the number of animals housed at a residence.