Sheldon Feddy leaves PV Auto Plaza

Pahrump Valley Auto Plaza General Manager Sheldon Feddy looked like a content man on Monday.

After five years at the helm of the dealership, Feddy has decided to hit the brakes and embark on something new.

He summed up his half decade tenure as “amazing.”

“I could not have asked for a better deal. When I first got here things were in a bit of disarray because of the economy. I’ve had a great team around me who has done an amazing job and we’ve really built a great business. The community has responded quite well,” he said.

Feddy was quick to point out that he believes the business will continue to thrive in his absence.

“Greg Mier, who has worked as my number two guy for all of those years and has been at the store with me since 2010, is going to take my spot. I got my heart and soul in this place and I’m excited to see what he can do,” he said.

The former general manager also noted that there are numerous benefits for a car dealership and its customers to reap, especially in a small, tight-knit community such as Pahrump.

“I have really learned a lot and the community has really done a lot for this store. A dealership in a small town can’t survive without the community’s support. What kind of a business would ask the community’s support, if they didn’t in turn support the community? The truth is that all of the businesses in town here are good. Our competition is good to the community. The other businesses are good to the community. It’s the only way that you can survive in a small town. You treat the community the way you want them to treat you,” he said.

Pahrump Valley Auto Plaza has a proven track record of supporting local charity events.

Over the years, the dealership has been involved in numerous car washes benefiting athletic and cheer-leading teams at the high school.

Local Boy Scout troops have held fundraisers on site as well as the annual “Breakfast with Santa” holiday celebration.

Late last year, the dealership hosted a grand reopening where the entire community was invited to the party.

At the time, Feddy had a humorous description of the grand reopening, which included a free barbecue, entertainment and giveaways.

“This kind of an event is more about sales prevention than sales because we are busy and tied up. There’s a lot of distractions and we don’t sell a lot of cars during these kinds of events. Maybe somebody will remember we did this kind of event and later on down the road it generates a sale,” he said with a laugh.

While discussing his overall career, Feddy said his first job required getting up before the sunrise many years ago.

“I had a newspaper route and delivered papers every day. In my first real job, I was a fairgrounds demonstrator selling things at home shows and exhibitions. I actually ended up on QVC where I was a guest host. When that came to an end, I entered the car business and I’ve been in the car business for 25 years,” he recalled.

As far as the next chapter in his book of dreams, Feddy suggested that it’s not in his hands at the moment.

“I have no idea. I’m going to wait and see what God presents for me,” he said.

Always in a humorous mood, Feddy said this week that he thought that the only time the media would interview him when exiting a job, he figured he’d be in handcuffs.

“This has been an amazing experience. The community has been very nice about me leaving. I have been interviewed by the television station and Karen Jackson interviewed me on the radio. It’s very flattering and humbling the way that people have reacted to me leaving the position here. It’s really, very cool. I’ve got my heart and soul in this store and this community,” he said.