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Smile! Pahrump heads for national TV exposure

The Town of Pahrump will have an opportunity to present its best assets to a nationwide audience later this year when a television production comes to town and produces a five-minute segment to put Pahrump under the national and international public eye.

Former NFL quarterSback Terry Bradshaw hosts the award winning show “Communities of Distinction,” which is broadcast on Fox, ABC and the Discovery Channel.

Pahrump Town Manager Susan Holecheck urged town board members last month to approve the May 27, agenda item at a participation cost not to exceed $24,800.

Holecheck said, “They want to come and put Pahrump in a very favorable light. They are on a short time line. Anytime that I think we can get Pahrump in a good light, I’m all for it. I think it goes a long way toward economic development and tourism.”

Holecheck said Pahrump’s segment would air on the Discovery Channel with the opportunity to air more than 30 additional times throughout the year.

She also spoke about an additional perk with the broadcast.

“The reason why I’m in favor of it is because we would also own the licensing, which means that we would get the film and put it on our website. It’s a tool for us to use that shows the beauty of Pahrump and the things that we have going for us,” she said.

Town Board Chairman Harley Kulkin said he was involved in a similar experience where a nationally televised program was taping a segment in a southern Nevada emergency room several years ago.

He told fellow board members he still meets people who saw him on the program.

“My wife was in an accident years ago on Mesquite and Highway 160. She was flown to Las Vegas. It was on the Discovery Channel and they filmed my wife inside the emergency room. For many years afterward, it was shown on TV and people would tell me they saw it. We are going to get way more play out of this than what they even say. “It’s just another arena for exposing Pahrump to the nation to get them to have an interest in us,” he said.

Board Vice Chair Bill Dolan said he too has seen firsthand how the power of television reaches the masses when he was working in a Las Vegas emergency room.

“I am still seeing myself on productions of Life in the ER, Trauma on the Streets that was filmed at University Medical Center for many years, and I have been retired six years now. By using this, we could allow people in the community like Front Sight, Mountain Falls, the wineries and the racetrack to be able to use this in their production to get people to come here as well,” he said.

As host of Communities of Distinction, Bradshaw engages a variety of people, including city and town leaders, business professionals, residents, visitors and others for discussions.

The program also explores companies, industries and individuals in their respective regions.

“It’s like touring North America right from your living room,” Bradshaw stated on the program’s website. “Along with viewers, I am gaining better insight into so many different places.”

Each board member seemed to be in agreement with the agenda item except for Bob Adams, who said he was uncomfortable with the participation fee.

“I think it’s a good idea but what I don’t think is a good idea is the $24,000. If we don’t fall into their criteria as a town of distinction, do we get the $24,000 back?” he asked.

According to the participation agreement, the show will air once on the Discovery Channel as well as 34 times regionally through a combination of ABC and Fox broadcast stations, or regional news networks, via local cable providers, in up to 50 markets.

All airings will occur between 6 a.m., and 11 p.m.

Holecheck explained, “We will be able to own that after they film it. They will come here at their own expense and do all of the shooting. What we get is the ability to air it and the licensing,” she said.

The board eventually voted 4-1 to participate in the television segment. Adams provided the sole nay vote.

Though it remains unclear when production begins, town officials say they will contact longtime resident and real estate developer Tim Hafen to learn if he would be willing to provide the show’s producers with information on Pahrump’s historical background.

In addition to being a host on Fox Sports, Bradshaw is known for his work as an author, actor and motivational speaker.

His initial fame came decades ago as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history with the Pittsburg Steelers.