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Town board to elect officers, mull manager evaluations

The first order of business during last night’s Pahrump town board meeting was the election of officers.

The action comes around each January pursuant to town board policy.

At present, Dr. Tom Waters serves as clerk while Bill Dolan and Harley Kulkin maintain the positions of vice chair and chairman respectively.

Waters said the board can decide to change the positions or retain the group as it is.

Additionally, Waters said he would prefer the latter.

“I believe the Town Board has been effective during 2013 and should remain unchanged in the positions of Chair and Vice Chair for 2014. Both Mr. Kulkin and Mr. Dolan have political ambitions for higher office and therefore should remain in their current positions. However, if Mr. Adams or Mrs. Riches would like the position of Town Clerk, I don’t mind moving over and allowing them that position,” he said.

Waters made certain to note that he does have issues if Dolan were to replace Kulkin as chairman of the board.

“Even though I am certain that Mr. Dolan would be effective as chair, I believe that his run for the Nye County commissioner position could be considered by some as a conflict of interest if he were also chair of the Pahrump Town Board. I want it known that I wholeheartedly endorse him for the position of Nye County commissioner for District 5. With that said, I want him to concentrate and focus on becoming a member of the commission. Therefore, I suggest that he remain vice chair for the Town Board,” Waters said.

Town Manager Susan Holecheck’s contract was also up for discussion last night.

The board voted on whether to include a performance evaluation in the town manager’s contract.

Waters said the item was something the board overlooked when Holecheck’s contract was extended following a meeting late last year.

“Because it was an interim contract, there was nothing in there about evaluations and we accidentally omitted it. Now that she has a longer term contract, we still failed to put in anything about evaluations” he said.

Holecheck said this week she has no problem with the board reviewing her performance throughout the year.

“I like it actually because it gives me a chance to improve in certain areas,” she said.

Waters did note that he thought the town manager’s performance has been great since she assumed the position last summer.

“She is performing at an outstanding manner. She is still overwhelmed because we are finding that there have been a lot of things that were left undone,” Waters said.

Board member Amy Riches said that the decision to hire Holecheck was a great way to help revitalize the town.

“She is doing a fantastic job but I think it’s ludicrous to have this evaluation because she already has goals and objectives,” Riches said.

Board members also considered whether to approve funds for the renovation of Petrack Park restroom facilities as well as amending submission dates for agenda request items.

Due to time constraints, results of all action items will appear in Friday’s edition of the Pahrump Valley Times.