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Dennis Myers: Democratic legislators go to town in Nevada

If the most sweeping Republican victory in Nevada since 1890 – here I’m describing the 2014 election – did not tell them anything, then the appointment of Donald Trump as president gave Nevada Democrats plenty of motivation, and it showed at this year’s Legislature.

Chuck Muth: With surrender, Republicans did what they do best on ESAs

“We’ve heard from thousands of Nevada families about how crucial it is that we give them freedom of choice in the education of their children,” Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval declared last January in his State of the State speech regarding funding for the Nevada’s landmark Education Savings Accounts (ESAs).

Vern Hee: We need to stand up for the little things

I am sure by now, as former Nevada Wolf Pack star Colin Kaepernick, once adored throughout Nevada, now finds himself up a creek without a paddle and no water, that he is saying to himself, “What is the big deal, all I did was refuse to stand for a song?”

Dennis Myers: Nevada justices protect themselves

Constitutional scholars Eleanore Bushnell and Don Driggs once wrote that Nevada has an unusual number of ways to remove judges from office – “recall, impeachment, legislative removal, and removal by the Commission on Judicial Discipline. The number of methods contrast sharply with the federal system, wherein a judge may be removed only through the impeachment process.”