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Tim Burke: Keeping everything in the right perspective

We are very fortunate to live here in our little community of Pahrump, tucked away from much of the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas. Life is a little calmer here and it’s helpful to remind ourselves occasionally to keep things in their proper perspective.

Chuck Muth: Some random drive-by muthings and observations

Bravo to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for finally declaring, unambiguously, that his players will either stand for the National Anthem or sit on the bench. But it’s too little, too late. Many of us have “cut the cord” with the NFL and ain’t goin’ back.

Tim Burke: It’s not all about you, really it’s not

I have observed some really crazy driving these last few weeks in and around Pahrump. This week a mom in a minivan full of kids thought it was a good idea to drive 65 mph in the 50 zone at the top of the Mountain Springs pass and then cut me off to get around me where the road merges into one lane.

Tim Burke: Nevada officials oppose Yucca because it’s easier

The storage of radioactive waste in Yucca Mountain is a tough sell to the public. This is far more of an emotional subject than a logical one. We have been taught since we were children to avoid anything radioactive. We associate radioactivity with nuclear bombs and the destruction they can cause.