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Myers: John Lewis knows what he’s talking about

The first time John Lewis marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge outside Selma, in 1965 on the way to the Alabama state capitol during a voter registration campaign, police were waiting for him and his colleagues on the other side. Officers fractured Lewis’ skull.

Op-ed: Program offers free drinking water well assessments

Private well owners who rely on their wells for drinking water in specific counties in Nevada are eligible to participate in Rural Community Assistance Corporation’s (RCAC) Individual Well Program, which provides free private well assessments for those not regulated by the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Letter: Open letter to all my neighbors about Pahrump traffic

This town has a very big traffic problem that they are not solving. What they are doing is just putting a large bandage on it and trying to get us all to live with it. The people who came here from the city are used to traffic chaos/confusion. The experts, who usually do a terrific job are missing a simple solution: Highway 372 should be changed to a one-way street and another street should be built going the other direction. This also should be done to Highway 160.

Myers: Reid got it done

Since the 1920s, many Nevadans have wanted a national park in eastern Nevada. In 1934, landscape architect William Penn Mott surveyed the area for the National Park Service and recommended creation of the park.

Knapp: New boss(es), same as the old boss(es)

Donald Trump ran for president in part on a promise to “drain the swamp” that is Washington, D.C. He positioned himself as a political outsider, beholden to no one and capable of bringing sweeping changes to a federal government set in its ways. But as Inauguration Day approaches, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the fundamentals aren’t going to change much.