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COMMUNITY VIEWPOINT: False information used to deceive voters on Question 2

I continue to hear or read comments from people who obviously mis-understand the case that the Town of Pahrump has before the Nevada Supreme Court.

Many comments reflect that the Town Board is trying to overturn the will of the people or that the Town Board believes that the commissioners did not have the authority to place the issue on the ballot. BOTH of those statements are FALSE.

First, let me state that I understand that 50.1 percent is a majority but it is not the WILL of the 49.9 percent of the voters.

However, even though the ballot question passed with 50.8 percent to 49.2 percent, this is NOT the question and, as far as I can tell, no one on the Town Board has questioned the election results.

I, nor any TB member, have, to my knowledge, stated that the commissioners lacked the authority to place the issue on the ballot.

I have continued to state that the commissioners did NOT follow Nevada law in their actions.

I believe that many who voted in the 50.8 percent were duped by false information that was mostly intentional misrepresentation of the facts.

INCORPORATION has nothing whatsoever to do with the ballot question.

It was evident to me that false information was disseminated by an organized group who meant to deceive the voters and was successful with 50.8 percent of the voters.

There are others who mistakenly state that the Town of Pahrump is “going away” … whatever that means.

In reality the ballot issue was to change the Town Board from an “elected” Board by the people to an “advisory” Board appointed by the commissioners. Nothing more and nothing less.

But let me explain the REAL issue. I ask only that those who are interested take the time to review the Town’s lawsuit.

It states clearly that the County Commissioners did not comply with Nevada law in their procedures to place the issue on the ballot.

Again, nothing more and nothing less. According to at least one Commissioner, the decision of the Justices of the Nevada Supreme Court is already known and the Town of Pahrump should just accept it.

Let me put this in football terms since we are in that season.The score is 2 to 0 in the county’s favor.

The town has the ball on the 20 yard line of the County with 5 seconds to go in the fourth quarter. The field goal kicker (the town attorneys) is in place.

The officials (the Nevada Supreme Court) will call the results of a field goal for three points to win the game for the Town or a miss that will give victory to the County.

The Commissioner who says “give up” is actually saying, “Don’t kick, just give up your right to kick and let us win.”

Fortunately, the Commissioner doesn’t make the decision. The ball is in the air and I’ll patiently await the decision from the officials, the Nevada Supreme Court.

Thank you for listening.