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COMMUNITY VIEWPOINT: How Republicans are shafting taxpayers

It is doubtful that most Republican voters are aware they are being used as programmed pawns to further enrich the top 1% at the expense of taxpayers. Many have their noses so deep in the posteriors of O’Reilly and Hannity at Fox News that they cannot accept the truth that corporations like Walmart and McDonalds have and continue to get filthy rich by being subsidized by the taxpayers. How, you may ask?

Walmart and McDonalds pay their entry level employees about $7.25 per hour, the minimum wage. No one earning this low level of income can be entirely self-supporting, especially if he/she has a family to support. And most certainly he/she cannot take care of medical needs from such a low salary when no medical benefits are given.

Therefore, many of these employees are forced to get food stamps and medical care through Medicaid or emergency care, costing the taxpayers billions every year while such corporations make billions in profits.

For example, the six heirs of Walmart have more wealth than 40% of the lower income citizens in America.

Democrats have offered legislation to raise the minimum wage closer to a living wage and correct this gross injustice, but each time they have been rebuffed by the Republicans who continue to receive their blood money from rich corporations and the billionaire Koch brothers who insist on keeping wages low to further increase profits.

Instead of providing for the common welfare of our citizens as called for in our constitution, the Republicans have sold their souls for profit. God help them if there is a hereafter.

Costco pays its employees on average $17 per hour and pays medical benefits. The Republicans could support legislation to raise the minimum wage to at least $12 per hour and require that medical benefits be given.

Walmart and McDonalds would still make money and the taxpayers would be relieved from paying out billions in food stamps and medical benefits.

Further, such an increase would require some of these employees to pay taxes, and our economy would improve by having more money being spent by the lower wage earners, freeing up more money for housing and other needed items.

It is time that Republican voters wake up and realize that being dupes for the top 1% is hurting the taxpayers of America. Senator Dean Heller and Congressman Joe Heck are for the top 1% and are well oiled by them.

Most certainly, they have not helped.