LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Let’s stop watching Fox news shall we?

Let’s stop watching Fox news shall we?

This is in response to Jim Ferrells article on July 23, 2014 regarding Fox News and Republicans misguided.

Jim, Jim, Jim … we get it. All Republicans are bad and all Democrats are good. You have been saying that for years … okay so move on to something else.

I will admit you did state something we “all” can agree on and I quote you. “Despite the fact that Issa has wasted millions of our tax dollars on investigations and hearings he has thus failed to produce one shred of evidence that shows Lerner acted legally.” Rather odd don’t you agree Jim?

So here the deal … If it is proved Lerner acted “illegally” you have to stop your silly articles and agree to watch Fox news for one year. If she is proved innocent, I promise to stop watching Fox News for one year. I think the odds are in my favor.

Walt Whittier