LETTER TO THE EDITOR: No transparency with Democrats or Republicans

No transparency with Democrats or Republicans

I am that person who will call or write to your company to tell it that I appreciate the service afforded to me. I will also call and complain (which I don’t do much of, in case anyone is wondering).

This is also my first letter to the editor, and yes, my first public complaint, and I believe it to be a reasonable one.

The local Republican Party has this “grading committee”, who interview potential political candidates, asking a list of questions and then “grading” the responses of those being interviewed. They then go over these taped interviews and “grade” the answers given.

In 2012, I asked to SEE the questions and the answers given and was informed that that woukd never happen, that these interviews were “private” and not for public release. That I had to take the opinions of those who watched the videos that the candidate chosen by the local party to be backed was the best one based on the opinions of those who are on this “grading committee”.

Well, that’s just fine if I was 6 years old and couldn’t understand the complexity of voting for the “right or wrong” person and had to base my choices on someone else’s opinion or even a group of someone elses. I have no idea what the questions were, nor the answers, and again, this year like two years ago, no answers from the local Republican Party other than “it’s private”.

How in the H-E-double L can one put out such drivel regarding who is best for positions, when the entire interview process is BLOCKED from the public view?

I will not ever follow any “leader” or “group” based on the personal opinions of anyone, if I know nothing other than their opinion based on questions they decided should be asked and I shall never be privy to. And they talk about the transparency issues of the Democrats. I see no difference in the Republicans.

Vicky Sharron

(Expatriate Republican)