LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Planned airport will generate tax revenue

Planned airport will generate tax revenue

I see that the county commissioners may not be in favor of the airport. They are not looking at all the ways the airport will generate revenue.

First off, the size of the runway will determine what type and size of aircraft can land and take off there. The wider and longer the runway, the bigger the aircraft. Limit the size to say 100 foot wide and 4,000 foot long and you take out some of the large and noisy aircraft. The runway alignment will need to be with the prevailing winds, which where I live are mostly from the northwest or the southeast.

Besides gas and maybe jet fuel there are tie down fees and at some time in the future, hangar rental. People flying in will need transportation, so car rental and taxi service will be required. People flying in to attend training at Front Sight or the racetrack will need places to stay, more tax revenue. If the county contracts with an FBO (Fixed Base Operator), then you add space rental. The FBO will most likely give flying instructions creating sales tax revenue. The FBO will at some time most likely offer repair services and possibly aircraft sales. There is another aspect that has not been mentioned and that is gliders. With the wind, the heat and the mountains around Pahrump, gliders would work well. Glider rides are very popular as they are quiet and fun. All of the things I have mentioned will generate revenue and jobs.

Just for information, I live north of and quite close to where the airport is planned according to a master plan I saw in the paper some time ago and I do not believe it will bother me at all as the landing pattern will be to the south and west over the dry lake as the power lines are to the north and east of the planned runway.

Bruce Klein