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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: What’s the rush?

What’s the rush?

I used to think that driving in Las Vegas was dangerous. Not so much as driving here in Pahrump. I seriously doubt that most of the people here in town even consider that the traffic laws are meant for or apply to them.

I am so infuriated with those of you who will not give me the courtesy of backing off to let me make a left turn from Homestead Road. I am considering buying an old truck and letting you ram me in the rear end, then suing you. Where are you going that requires you to be in such a rush?

The speed limit on Highway 160 just east of Terrible’s gas station to just west of Smith’s market is 35 mph yet it seems like nobody either sees or reads the signs. This includes emergency vehicles that are not responding to official business. I drive in the right lane at or near 35 mph and am passed and sometimes glared at by others who must be late for something. Then, when I finally get to the light at Highway 160 and 372, I stop right in back of them.

The irony of all this is my wife got stopped and warned for not having a light over the rear license plate! Where is logic and common sense?

Word of caution — be careful the next time you tailgate the vehicle in front of you. It just might be me in my old junker.

Raymond Raffety