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Letters to the Editor

Billboards are an eyesore

Last year it was put out to the public that the eyesore billboards along Highway 160 that were not permitted and within compliance would be removed. What happened?

Seems we have more than we ever had before. It sure makes for an ugly drive. When our family and friends from out of town come here they ask how we can stand the horrible trashy 100k along the highway.

John Bromley


In support of Nye County Animal Shelter

My interaction with the Nye County Animal Shelter has been 100% positive. The facility is excellent and well run by superior people. This is a clear case of “it it isn’t broken, don’t attempt to fix it.”

The amount of money we’re subsidizing the shelter with is miniscule compared to the horrendous waste for a jail and other Nye County projects.

Privatizing the animal shelter is fraught with potentially dangerous outcomes. Who exactly will provide oversight? This is a potential disaster for all of us, including the animals.

Jeff and Marti Frederiksen