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Letters to the Editor

Don’t worry about the bikers

I used to own a bar in Ocean Beach, California, and sometimes we would have 30 or so bikes out front. There were choppers, dressers and everything in between. Sometimes a few Hell’s Angels would come in. We NEVER had a problem with the bikers, they were ladies and gentlemen, and behaved.

On the other hand, if we had commercial fishermen in the bar they would rip the sinks off the walls in the restrooms.

Pete Wallace


Thank you Pahrump

On behalf of our Executive Director, B. J. Hetrick-Irwin; the Nevada Silver Tappers; Ms. Senior Golden Years USA Inc.; and the Board of Directors, we would like to extend our special thanks to the following outstanding and talented entertainers: Larry Farrell; Scotties Starlets; Tom Saitta; A.J., Jay &Gary Trio; Tyrell Jones; Linda Groover &Angel; Johnny ‘V’; Bobby Judson &Laurie Stabenaw. The assistance of these talented entertainers helped us in raising over $3800 at our Benefit Show to assist the DAR, Pahrump Valley Youth Association, VFW food bank and RSVP.

We also want to acknowledge and thank Saddle West Hotel and Casino for allowing us to use their facilities and assisting us with all that we do; along with those behind the scenes – Steve Elliott, Linda Kass, Ken and Carolyn Indra, our wonderful ushers, the Pahrump Valley Times, the Pahrump Mirror, Channel 46, Karen Jackson and the Pahrump audience who makes everything worthwhile. Have a blessed Christmas and New Year Pahrump!

Mitzi Sears