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Letters to the Editor

Score one for the amusement park

I just recently heard that the town of Pahrump had a feasibility study done on bringing an amusement park here. I listened as some thought that was a waste of money. I for one believe it could be a good thing for the town.

I lived in Northeastern Ohio. The greatest amusement park is located off the shores of Lake Erie, Cedar Point Amusement Park the roller coaster king. That park brings in millions of visitors every year and they are only open 5 months a year. The people come to see the Rock and Roll hall of fame in Ohio as well as the Football Hall of Fame. Then they go to Cedar Point Amusement Park.

Millions of people come to Las Vegas, we need them to come here. We want them to come have family fun and spend their money with us. That would be a better identity for Pahrump than the one we are heading toward now, Little Amsterdam of the West.

Steve Kuna


The other kind of nuclear waste

Regarding “The other kind of nuclear waste” from the March 12 issue, Denis is right about the nuclear waste, airlines and FAA, but he is too young. He did not mention that the federal government gave, along their tracks in the West, one section of land per square mile. Pasadena, California land is probably still owned by a railroad. Minnesota land was essentially owned by railroad right of ways. Virginia passed legislation that required that a person get out of a horse-drawn vehicle and walk his horse across any railroad track crossing to prevent any accident.

The technology for nuclear electric power has also advanced. The Pebble Bed Reactor Process can and should be selected. It can provide much safer nuclear power. There are many reasons to use the same science that occurs in our Sun. The most important is carbon dioxide emissions. However, cap and trade is not a solution.

There is also the requirement for addressing the lack of responsible federal government management on their lands north of Pahrump.

Warren L. Dowler