Letters to the Editor

Thank you to Health Care Partners

The Southern Inyo Fire Protection District is grateful for this opportunity to say thank you to Pahrump’s Health Care Partners of Nevada for their continued and generous support.

Most recently, Health care Partners donated a much needed Glucagon Emergency Kit to fill a gap in the emergency medical inventory carried onboard our ambulance.

But we would also like to express our gratitude for the loan of Dr. Stephen Andracki, whose volunteer service as this district’s Medical Director, and whose personal support and encouragement make it possible for us to stay in service to the people who need us.

Robin Finchum,

Southern Inyo Fire Protection District Board of Directors


Supreme Court rewriting the Constitution?

The Supreme Court is attempting a re-write of the Constitution.

SCOTUS has become an anti-American organization.

All gun laws are UNCONSTITUTIONAL, no matter what the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) says.

The SCOTUS has no authority to DEFINE/INTERPRET/ALTER/AMEND/NULLIFY the Constitution of the United States. That is beyond dispute.

Nowhere does the Constitution cede/grant/authorize the power(s) needed to alter the U.S. Constitution in any way to the SCOTUS.

The SCOTUS is, simply put, a court that is designed to decide whether any law enacted by any lawmaker agrees with the Constitution of the United States. If it does, it is constitutional. If it does not, it is unconstitutional.

If it is not aligned with the U.S. Constitution it is not right, and do not rely on SCOTUS to tell you how the Constitution is “interpreted” as SCOTUS does not have the right /authority to interpret the U.S. Constitution.

The SCOTUS does not get to interpret the meaning of the U.S. Constitution however they see fit in order to deem whether the law in question is constitutional. To interpret anything means that it is OPEN TO INTERPRETATION, OPEN TO THE BIAS OF THE INTERPRETER. See how that works, whoever interprets gets to determine what it means.

The Constitution of the United States is CARVED IN STONE. It can be changed. Not easily, and certainly not by a few elitist lawyers. It requires a lengthy process involving a great many citizens of the United States.

Think the SCOTUS is the last word? Well, you are wrong. Remember when the SCOTUS said slavery was constitutional? Remember when the SCOTUS said Japanese internment was constitutional?

Still think these buffoon lawyers are God? These are simply lawyers who have endowed god-like authority unto themselves.

Stay true to what’s right and constitutional and you will either rise or fall defending the U.S. Constitution.

Harvey Wallace