Letters to the Editor

In response to the Muth column

I read with amusement Chuck Muth’s editorial “Stuck on stupid is as stupid does” with great amusement. He editorialized about situations most of us have endured and came to the same conclusions as he did.

The last sentence however was the most interesting. “And some people wonder how liberals get elected.” This implies that conservatives are all about regulating businesses and their practices, and that liberals are wrong in allowing companies to set their own policies.

As an independent, I agree Mr. Muth is stuck on stupid.

John Firby


Pigeons carry a number of diseases

Recently the PVT carried a front page article about the problem the “pigeon house” is causing neighbors and the resident’s response was essentially that it was their property and they could do what they wanted. I drive by the “pigeon house” often because I live in the area.

I have wondered why the feeding of the “flying rats” has not become an issue before now. Our local sheriff’s department indicated there was nothing they could do. Yes, their hands are tied because there are no ordinances that make it illegal to feed pigeons.

This problem could be solved very easily by the county commissioners passing an ordinance against feeding pigeons with fines large enough to discourage residents like the “pigeon house” owners from perpetuating a health hazard on the public. Ordinances have been passed by both Las Vegas and Henderson doing just that.

When citizens refuse to act responsibly and put the health of others at risk, our government leaders need to step in for the good of their constituents.

Researchers have indicated that 30 to 60 diseases can be carried by pigeons which affect humans. One article I read indicated that if you are thinking about keeping pigeons, sewer rats and rattlesnakes are safer.

Corbitte Henry