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Letter: Commercial signs on highway should be appealing

This letter is in response to Tim Burke’s article in the February 22 edition of your newspaper. While I am in agreement with him regarding some of the signs that dominate the Highway 160 corridor, large commercial signs of this type dot the landscape of many roadways leading into towns like ours throughout the country.

Haynes: ‘Welcoming the stranger’ in the age of Trump

On Feb. 8, a group of Latino men was leaving an overnight hypothermia shelter at Rising Hope Mission Church in Alexandria, Virginia, when they were surrounded by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers, arrested and taken away in vans.

Myers: Heller plays the Clinton card

Nineteen years ago this month, President Bill Clinton was trying to lure the United States into a war in Iraq because he claimed, Saddam Hussein was trying to develop weapons of mass destruction. He sent teams of administration officials out around the country to sell his proposed war.

Letter: Thanks to PV Cruisers, you will be missed

Thank you to all the great people in the Pahrump Valley Cruisers. You made the car shows you put on each year great. Doing a car show is an enormous undertaking for the staff and the many volunteers. All of you worked very hard each and every year to make the car shows fun for the car owners and townspeople who came to enjoy them.

Letter: Former Assembly candidate predicts long, ugly Legislature session

As you know, I ran for the Assembly here in District 36; I won Nye County. So I feel I must speak on behalf of the thousands of people who voted for me. As you know, I ran on TAXES and WATER. This year’s Legislature has approximately 25 water bills it will be voting on. Many opportunities to take the very water we rely on to live. Many of these bad water bills have come from the Nye County Water District … Gee, no surprise there.

Myers: Trump recruits for his Nevada critics

U.S. Rep. Mark Amodei of Nevada introduced legislation in the last Congress to give certain select lands to Nevada, and is expected to introduce a similar measure in the new Congress. Note that I did not phrase it “RETURN certain select lands to Nevada,” as common usage has it, which, however, is disputed. Many experts on the topic say the lands never belonged to the state.