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Knapp: Rudd redeclares governments’ lost war on strong encryption

UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd is upset. She considers it “unacceptable” that she can’t read your private chat messages and wants that fixed. Naturally, she publicly ties her demand that you surrender your privacy to the fight against terrorism. Fortunately, Rudd won’t get her way. That’s not because her demand is evil and wrong-headed, although it is. It’s because her demand is impossible to implement.

The struggle to eat healthy on a tight budget

We have a significant percentage of residents here that are on a fixed income or receive supplemental benefits each month. Feeding a family healthy and nutritious food and saving money seem to be diametrically opposed concepts. Most of the foods that we can purchase inexpensively are not all that healthy for us and cause us to gain weight.

Risk, reward, regulation and space tourism

Writing at Quartz, Tim Fernholz notes that early space tourists “won’t benefit from the tight regulation we’ve come to expect in everything from air transport to private automobiles.” Although the Federal Aviation Administration enjoys approval authority over launches, the Commercial Space Act limits government interference in post-launch space flight.

Businesses need customer service or they die

Nothing like walking into a business to spend your hard-earned money and have the person who is supposed to be helping you act like you are bothering them! Offering good customer service is both the easiest and least expensive improvement that any business can make so why is it so hard to find good customer service anymore? Is it because in our mobile and online world purchasing has become a task devoid of human interaction and therefore no longer personable? Possibly, but there are other reasons also.

Why does Nevada continue to fight the federal law?

On Monday, the Nevada Agency for Nuclear Projects gave a presentation to state lawmakers that, in short, will continue to push back against the Department of Energy. All this is done by spending state taxpayer money instead of leveraging federal money that is available to finish the science for Yucca Mountain.

Fighting the last war

The public tends to move on to other things after an election, but political players never stop. The presidential race in 2016 has been an exception, obviously. We’ve had people still marching in the streets against Donald Trump, and Democrats making the most of it.

Letter: Maintaining sovereign borders is not tyranny

In a commentary (PVT 3/1/17), “The immigration enforcement police state is here,” Thomas L. Knapp suggests that maintaining sovereign borders is tantamount to tyranny. He goes on to say: “Where peaceful people move to settle or work is nobody’s business but theirs.” And wouldn’t the world be a far better place if we only made love, not war? Regrettably, the history of nation states is a testament to how little regard there is for that kind of sentiment.