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Muth: Since shallow graves are illegal, there’s only one way to deal with Raiders’ owner

Back in the old days, if some out-of-state shyster rolled into Vegas and got caught trying to cheat the house, there’s a good chance you’d find him black-and-blue and unconscious inside a trash dumpster in some dark alley – or worse. And after learning of the scam Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis tried to pull on us this week, I found myself missing those old days.

Letter: Enough whine and fury, give new administration a chance

I suppose it is inevitable that some people across the U.S. are offended, even outraged by the temporary ban on immigration ordered by our new president. This is America after all and to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, you can’t please everybody, any of the time. Still, I felt disgusted by the teary rhetoric of congressional members who are either suffering from memory loss or just don’t get it! Enough with the whine and fury.

McCracken: Country’s nuclear energy past leads to Yucca Mountain

The retirement of U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, a new U.S. president, and a Republican-controlled Congress will bring changes to the nation. What will they mean for Nevada’s Yucca Mountain Project? In this, the first part of a two-part column, we lay some groundwork for understanding the current opportunity.

Letter: Director defends materials, services the library offers

On behalf of Pahrump Community Library, I would like to give the correct information regarding the Library’s Interlibrary Loan Service. The letter to the Editor “Lack of library system a reason to move for resident” January 27, 2017, by Albert Kaplan was mistaken on several points.

Letter: Residents with trashy yards have advantage on tax rolls

I read the 2017-2018 secured assessment roll article in the Jan. 13th newspaper with interest, as it has been a longtime discord with the approach of market value assessment. As every real estate agent will quantify, aesthetics is a major driver of market value. Thus, people that have trashy yards, unsightly and unkempt property, get a huge benefit over those that keep their property maintained and aesthetically appealing and are greatly penalized because their properties are assessed at a higher rate.

Letter: Conceal carry reduces many violent crimes

The article written last week by Tim Burke is overall an interesting read, except the end of the article where Tim states, “We have become so disconnected from one another that we don’t know our neighbor, we don’t know the issues that our friends and families are dealing with, and we no longer make time for helping others because we think we are too busy and ‘it’s not our problem’. Fear has brought us to this point…” Tim goes on to say, “…Or do we continue down our current path to the point where we are all carrying a weapon for protection? Do we give in to fear? Or do we find another way?”

Knapp: Why Trump is doubling down on the voter fraud fraud

“In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide,” US president-elect Donald Trump tweeted in late November, “I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.” Kind of a sore winner. And now that he’s no longer just president-elect but actually president, he’s doubling down and says he “will be asking for a major investigation into VOTER FRAUD …”

Myers: How we stopped listening to all sides

A few days ago I bought a copy of the New York Times, not something I do much anymore. Both the print edition and online access have risen above my price range. But I needed something to read on the bus home, so I ponied up $2.50.

Burke: To conceal carry or not has no simple answer

I was out on a movie date with my youngest daughter. She needed a break from her stressful job as an Intensive Care Pediatric RN and wanted to see the latest movie from JK Rowling. We had arrived early enough to get our popcorn and settle into our seats for the previews and then out of nowhere I found myself thinking, “should I be carrying right now?”