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Letters to the sports editor

The Oct. 25 Commentary: National Anthem thing has finally reached high school level that I wrote generated some mail. Here are some of the comments our readers sent me about the goalie from Desert Pines taking a knee.

Dennis Myers: Where is our government planting the flag?

When the disputes between Donald Trump and war widow Myeshia Johnson were going on, I happened to read a letter to the editor here in the Pahrump Valley Times from reader Jim Ferrell containing items like this: “For example, when George W. Bush was president, the Republicans insisted that the Pentagon spend $150 billion on bombers which the Pentagon said they did not need or want. Even today we spend something like 10 times more on military than any other country in the world.”

Tim Burke: Keeping everything in the right perspective

We are very fortunate to live here in our little community of Pahrump, tucked away from much of the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas. Life is a little calmer here and it’s helpful to remind ourselves occasionally to keep things in their proper perspective.

Chuck Muth: Some random drive-by muthings and observations

Bravo to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for finally declaring, unambiguously, that his players will either stand for the National Anthem or sit on the bench. But it’s too little, too late. Many of us have “cut the cord” with the NFL and ain’t goin’ back.