Sports Corner

Race results for July 26, 2014 at Tonopah:

Mini Class: 1st - Donnie Fields Car #213, 2nd - Tanner Otteson Car #944, 3rd - Tailor Davis Car #28, 4th - Matthew Belcher Car #360, 5th - Lee (Cub) Ketten Jr. Car #6k, 6th - “Wild”Bill Delahunte Car #15, 7th - Josh Belcher Car #311,8th - Pat Murphy Car #8, 9th - Jay Silas Jr. Car #92, 10th - Rory Bradley Car #33, 11th - Tom Molloy Car #20, 12th - Lisa Park Car #8x; 6 Cylinder Class: 1st - Shaun Maher Car #9, 2nd - Ezra LaBelle Car #49, 3rd - Melissa Otteson Car #69; Bomber Class: 1st - Matt Gillum Car #777, 2nd - “Wild” Bill Delahunte Car #15, 3rd - Larry Leach Car #12, 4th - Michael Ray McLaughlin Car #14; WCSS: 1st - Steve Nash Car #4, 2nd - Alex Williams Car #11, 3rd - Matt Gillum Car #76, 4th - Jordan Shelton Car #70; Cam Coupe: 1st - David Belcher Car #9, 2nd - Mike Belcher Car #311; Dwarf: 1st - Kyle Winters Car #57,2nd - Gene Winters Car #86w, 3rd - Nick Winters Car #21x, 4th - Justin Kimsey Car #23, 5th - Chris Winters Car #22x; IMCA Modified: 1st - Scott Pike Car #15, 2nd - James Thibodeaux Car #2D, 3rd - Steve Stringer Car #20, 4th - Billy Anderson Car #29A, 5th - Duffy Otteson Car #945, 6th - Charlie Pike Car #99, 7th - Rick Durica Car #2.

Sam Stringer results: IMCA Modifieds: Kyle Heckman-first, Randy Thornell-second, Jon Jensen-third, Jason Pike-fourth, Tony Kinkade-fifth, James Thibodeaux-sixth, Bryan Wulfenstein-seventh, Jason Hickingbottom-eighth, Scott Pike-ninth, Rich Horible-tenth, Dusty Park-eleventh, Joe Wabsis-twelfth, Steve Stringer-thirteenth, Beau Gott-fourteenth, Josh Stringer-fifteenth, Clifton King-sixteenth, Chris Crompe-seventeenth, Charlie Pike-DNS.

WCSS: Steve Nash-first, Jason Pike-second, Dale Daffern-third, Keith Gott-fourth, Ron Moffit-fifth, Dustin Chastain-sixth, Alex Williams-seventh, Joel Dean-eighth, Donald Riley-ninth, Pete Wallace-tenth, Daniel Vlastof-eleventh, Terry Pemberton-twelfth, James McCoy-thirteenth.

Hole-in-one at Lake View: Mark Solomon shot a hole-in-one at hole 9 on July 26.

NFL camps are now in full swing with preseason to start in two weeks.

Los Angeles Dodgers lead the NL West by 3 games after sweeping the Giants over the weekend and then beating the Braves 8-4 in the oper on Tuesday night at home.

Los Angeles Angels are 2.5 games behind the Oakland A’s in the AL West.