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Gun issue surfaces in Tonopah post-annexation debate

Rejecting yet another proposed change to an open grazing exemption, the Tonopah Town Board voted 5-0 to give its OK to a resolution aimed at reassuring cattle ranchers that a massive annexation making the town one of the USA’s biggest in land size won’t harm their interests.

Esmeralda residents fight ‘big-city mentality’

Depending on the point of view, a land-use draft plan that didn’t make it out of Esmeralda County Commission chambers marked a victory for small government advocates, a lost opportunity, a chance for community members to engage on the issue, or all of the above.

Navy expansion into Nye raises concerns

GABBS — As the Navy pushes for more than tripling its Fallon Range Training Complex into Nye County, regional residents are offering mixed views, including concerns over the economy and access to public lands.