Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

What kind of Yucca science do they mean?

In recent Pahrump Valley Times articles, several local and national politicians support the opening of Yucca Mountain as a nuclear waste repository. But, these articles did not deal with reality – typical, more fake news. Southern Nevada is one of the most arid areas of the United States; earthquakes and seismic activity occur frequently (number four in seismic activity in the United States), the scientists can’t guarantee the storage facility in Yucca Mountain will remain water-tight (potential container corruption) and this is probably due to seismic activity. Remember, the nuclear waste containers will be constructed by the lowest contract bidder and the nuclear waste will remain nuclear active for a minimum of 10,000 years. Why do the good citizens of Pahrump, Nye County and Nevada want to support this? They should not!

The most important resource in Pahrump, Nevada and Nye County is WATER! The rhetoric about the science of Yucca Mountain and the nuclear garbage (waste) the government wants to move and store there is secondary. One Nye County commissioner has repeatedly said “let the science speak for itself.” Others have espoused words to that effect. Also, the commissioners say that many jobs will come to Nye County when Yucca Mountain is open. That may be true, but the nuclear engineers, who are not residents in Nye County today, will come from someplace else. Nye County does not have the requisite number of nuclear engineers resident to support this. So, what are the commissioners specifically talking about? Ask them!

But, barring that, let’s look at the science. First of all, what science are they talking about? Is it the earthquake science (seismic activity), water science (hydrology or riparian science), container construction science or the nuclear science? None of the politicians have narrowed that subject down so the good citizens of Pahrump and Nye County can understand what they are discussing. The following paragraphs will provide scientific information of all of these areas so the good citizens of Pahrump and Nye County can make their own decisions. Read the information at the URLs and then google similar topics to be competently informed and not led down the primrose path by the county commissioners and other politicians.

Earthquake science is one of the most difficult areas to assess. The following URL provides recent seismic (earthquake) activity in Southern Nevada – https://tinyurl.com/yb8v2sqy

I draw your attention to the location of the earthquakes with respect to Nye County. Nevada is considered a very high seismic location, fourth in the United States. One of the main reasons the U.S. government can’t guarantee that Yucca Mountain will be water-tight and the containers won’t perforate is probably due to the seismic activity in Nevada, California and Arizona, including the Pacific plate that is moving under the United States. The north and south and east and west faults and the Pacific plate all contribute to the extensive seismic activity.

Water or hydrology science is vital to Southern Nevada, especially Nye County and Pahrump. Look at all the issues with the Nevada state water engineer; Pahrump Valley is over-allocated. Why would anyone want to jeopardize the water resources in Pahrump by putting nuclear garbage in Yucca Mountain? For additional information on water resources in Southern Nevada review the following URL: https://tinyurl.com/yaa7ccow Make sure you go to the bottom of this website to review the entire 2017 water resource report. The bottom line on the water is, it is over-allocated in the Pahrump Valley and we, the citizens, must protect it. The opening of Yucca Mountain presents a potential hazard to future water resources in Nye County and Pahrump.

Nuclear science is probably the most complicated of all the sciences presented in this article. In an attempt to narrow this science down to nuclear waste, the following URL will present significant background and information on Yucca Mountain – https://tinyurl.com/qbeovhp It includes relative information on transportation routes and the types of nuclear waste that is intended to be stored in Yucca Mountain. Also, review the information at the following URL: https://tinyurl.com/ycp2dh8u

This site provides information on the expected nuclear life of the radioactive nuclear waste – minimum 10,000 years. It also provides information about the mining of uranium in Colorado as more volatile than what would be stored in Yucca Mountain – so, store the nuclear waste in Colorado! As an aside, since the identification of Yucca Mountain as a potential nuclear waste storage facility, the numerous nuclear locations throughout the USA that have nuclear waste have been successfully storing it without incident. So, why do they want or need to move it to Yucca Mountain – totally politics. To get the nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain, it will have to be transported and there are only a few routes into the Yucca Mountain facility. Although the U.S. government will explain how secure the containers are, they still must be transported via truck or rail; Trucks and trains are mechanical, have accidents and break down and the containers will be constructed by the lowest contract bidder.

Container construction science is demonstrated by U.S. government as accepted government norms for the nuclear waste containers. So, what does that mean? What is an accepted U.S. government norm for nuclear waste containers? Personally, I am not sure. But, let me say again, the containers will be constructed by the lowest contract bidder. Do you want to entrust your water resources to the lowest contract bidder? Do you want to rely on U.S. government minimal requirements for constructing the containers? I don’t!

So, why are we here? Politicians from all the locations are using Yucca Mountain to acquire votes to get elected in November 2018 in their respective locations. This rhetoric sounds good to anyone not living in Nye County and Southern Nevada. And, Nevada doesn’t even use nuclear energy for power!

Bottom line: Citizens of Pahrump, Nye County and Nevada need to protect their meager water resources – placing nuclear garbage in the ground in Nevada with extensive seismic activity in containers that are constructed by the lowest contract bidder and where our precious water is does not make sense. Do not let the U.S. government open Yucca Mountain and potentially jeopardize our water supply!

Walt Grudzinski

Security and Intelligence Consultant

Democrats should acknowledge state of country

Perhaps the greatest political upset of our lifetime was the election of Donald J. Trump as president of the United States. In October of 2016, the New York Times proclaimed on their front pages that Hillary Clinton had a 91 percent chance of winning the election. All the polls indicated that Clinton could not lose. So, how could so many polls, media outlets and Democrats have gotten it so wrong?

They assumed too much and greatly underestimated the mood and power of the American people. They fervently believed that after the people elected the first African-American president, that now was the time to put the first woman into the highest office in the land; and who was more entitled as a former first lady, U.S. senator and secretary of state than Hillary Clinton?

But, by the end of Barack Obama’s second term, the American people came to the realization that voting for a presidential candidate because they would become the “first” whatever, is not a smart reason to elect a president. Ordinary citizens across this magnificent nation saw their taxes continue to rise, major companies going out of business, friends and neighbors losing their jobs.

They contemplated why Obama would apologize to countries around the world for our unprecedented history and the sudden massive expansion of terrorism around the world, with Americans being a major target.

The Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare became anything but affordable. President Obama mistakenly spoke out about individual incidents where African-Americans were killed by police in the course of committing crimes. As a result, the nationwide swelling of a movement called “Black Lives Matter”, whose ambition was to kill cops, emerged nationwide. The U.S. Supreme Court crammed down the throats of the American people, that we must accept same-sex marriage. Not since the Civil War had our country been so divided.

Enter Donald J. Trump, a phenomenally successful businessman, a Washington outsider, a man who so deeply loves our country and recognized how severely divided it was.

Unlike the Democrats and liberal left, Trump did not pander to individual identity groups espousing what they wanted to hear. He boldly expressed in no uncertain terms, exactly where he stood on issues and what he would do as president and let the chips fall where they may.

The American people picked up on this refreshingly bold new approach in seeking public office. They liked this brash man of strength and unwavering convictions. They saw in Donald Trump a strong leader, unafraid of controversy, willing to trample all over political correctness in order to get things accomplished.

As we approach the 2018 mid-term elections, despite what the liberal left-wing press would have you believe, there is no possible way Democrats will regain control of the House of Representatives.

The economy is booming. Unemployment is at a record low. Taxes have been cut and people have more money to spend. This is what the average American sees happening in their lives and these are the type of results that get politicians re-elected.

Scott R. Hadley

Faulty fencing reason for burro and horse problem

The problem with wild and burros is the fence the BLM put up over 40 years ago on Roadrunner Road. It has been vandalized by people for whatever selfish reason and the BLM refuses to fix it. Pahrump absorbed this area to get our tax money but they won’t fix it either. For over 20 years a group of volunteers tried to put in cattle guards and fix fences but fell short of finishing.

These animals live naturally. If the fence was intact they would go to the springs in the mountains and live as they have for hundreds of years.

I also wanted to thank the person who made the caution signs to help protect the animals but this is not a roadside fight and the recent sign is uncalled for. I have lived with these animals and love them. Yes, they can be destructive to property but remember, they are out of their habitat.

I was also involved in an accident while a herd of burros were crossing the highway. Unfortunately, a pregnant female and my car both died.

Let’s quit arguing and get this fence fixed. Save the people and the animals.

Laura Lamb

Lack of support for free library concert sad

July 27 the Pahrump Community Library held a free concert, a violin, viola and flute musical variety. Only nine people were present.

Come on, Pahrumpians – support the entertainment at the library. You missed a great musical!

Sandra Jones