Letter to editor

Veteran responds to Air Force range article

The subject article was not balanced journalism.

Though no Air Force official commented on this one article, they’ve said plenty on the subject. The report has lots of justification for the proposal had you bothered to quote it. That side was mostly ignored.

You would think Mr. Brean and Mr. Witt believe the Air Force is involved in some nefarious “land grab” for no good reason. They’re doing it for the citizens of the U.S.!

The USAF has been at war overseas pretty much continuously since the early 90’s. Did you know that? Realistic combat training helps them to be successful, but it is dangerous. Would you rather they did it over populated areas? I also don’t get how allowing hunters and off-road enthusiasts in that area is somehow a better alternative for the sheep. Besides, there are other places for those activities.

The military has a life-and-death job. I wouldn’t risk one military person’s life due to lack of training to save a flock of sheep and allow a few off-roaders to have fun. Would you?

Mike Burgan

USAF veteran

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