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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Relay for Life thank you

Relay for Life thank you

The 2014 Relay for Life Committee would like to thank the Pahrump Nugget and Sanders Family Winery for their hosting of two of our major fundraisers. The Bowl for a Cure was held at the Nugget on April 27 and raised over $1000 for this year’s Relay. Thank you Kathy Butkovich for chairing this very successful annual event.

The Mr. and Ms. Relay contest was held at Sanders Family Winery on May 3. In this event the girls dressed up as guys and the guys dressed up as girls. Steve Bird was crowned Ms. Relay and Presley Hollis was crowned Mr. Relay. This fundraiser also raised over $1000. Thank you to Chair Melodie Eleogam and Co-chair Kerri Paine.

Marian Maxfield

2014 Publicity Chair

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