Letters to editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Not all want self-service cashiers in grocery stores

It’s time for all seniors, disabled and anyone else as well to pick a grocery store that has real cashiers and baggers when needed and not be forced into self-scanning our purchases.

We are not their employees nor do we want to take away their jobs.

I called our local Albertsons store and the manager (brad) assured me that they have declined the use of self-scanners. Your groceries will be checked by a live cashier and they open at 5 a.m.

So let’s support the store that still believes that service is important and so are we!

Diane Urbanik

Computer telephone calls getting to be a nuisance

Robo and freebie calls have become a real pain lately. Morning, noon, evening, even late! If you don’t respond to one number they call on another number, even a local 775 or 727 number.

Anymore, as soon as I hear the non-human voice (like the Social Security threat via a machine voice), I either just hang up or say goodbye and hang up. The government “don’t call” listing doesn’t work either.

I guess this is one of the progressive generation’s undesirable problems we will endure until enough people refuse to answer these unwanted calls at all. Does anyone have other ideas besides call block and above-mentioned ideas?

Henry Hurlbut

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