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Letters to editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Passing of AB186 tragic for rural areas of state

I saw on the news that the Democrats in the Nevada Legislature passed AB186, which in essence overrides the votes of all the citizens of Nevada that do not vote the same as the national vote.

Obviously, the Democrats have forgotten that we are a democratic republic so that majority rule doesn’t destroy minority communities or states. In the current environment every Republican and independent voter in Nevada will have their vote disregarded due to the Democratic majority.

This vote by the Democrats shows that they hate President Trump more than they love the United States.

Danny Griggs

Reader asks questions about letters to editor

I am in need of some clarification on the “Letters to the Editor” section of the PVT.

I was under the impression that this particular part of the newspaper was a forum for local residents to express opinions, pose questions, or supply clarification to events/news coverage in the local area — a place where locals can share in the community conversation, as it were.

I am at a loss as to why a person who gives his address as Rochester, New York (and there have been others) has any interest in joining that community conversation.

It does not seem logical or necessary to print opinions of people from outside our community on this platform.

Please clarify the PVT policy on the Letter to the Editor or tell me where I can find such information.

Brenda Kostick

Editor’s note: Ms. Kostick was advised that the Pahrump Valley Times has out of town readers.

Kostick answered with this emailed reply sent to the Pahrump Valley Times:

Thank you for a quick response; however, one which I find unsatisfying.

Having out-of-town readers is a valid response to my concern if those out-of-town readers are in any way attached to our community; but, why would any Pahrump resident care about the political proselytizing of someone from another area even if that person subscribes and reads the PV Times? This strikes me as more of an opportunity to spread someone’s out-of-community political philosophy than as an opportunity to give an out-of-area person with connections to Pahrump/Nye County a share in the community.

Surely there are more relevant printable comments from subscribers (in or out of Pahrump or Nye County) in response to local events or news stories than using the Letters to the Editor as a “stump” upon which to preach topics which are not responsive to local events or news stories.

Rhetorically, is the “Letters to the Editor” attempting to replace Barnes &Noble’s political science section — and with far less space to develop ideas and argumentation?

Brenda Kostick

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