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Letters to editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Reader believes in short memory, politically

Karen Stone hit the nail on the head! Mr. Ferrell will “eat crow” after the 2020 re-election of President Trump.

Ferrell seems to think that “we the people” have forgotten what the Obama years were like.

1. Benghazi

2. The gun run to Mexico

3. High taxes

4. Poor economy

5. Obama’s “like your doctor, keep your doctor”

And there was so much more!

President Trump has proven to be the first president “of and for the people” and for that we will reward him with four more years.

Diane Urbanik

Voluntary service should come with benefits

To draft or not to draft?

I’m in favor of not to draft unless it affects our national security. When joining the services voluntarily, a contract for a minimum of four years active and four years in the National Guard or six to eight years active and no more requirements.

Those who do the full active should be able to go to any two-year degree college and/or four-year degree college with livable wages and paid school costs.

Those who can’t afford higher education after high school can become self-sufficient after service with reasonable paying jobs.

If not a citizen of the USA, a full 10-year active tour with classes leading to a full citizenship should be available with the same GI bill benefits when becoming a U.S. citizen.

Henry Hurlbut

Fundamental changes are needed in the GOP

As someone who now characterizes himself as a new “liberal/progressive” REPUBLICAN, I believe that the national Republican Party must change in fundamental ways if it is to be at all competitive with the national Democratic Party beginning in 2042-2044 when over 50% of the USA will be “non-white.” Here are my recommendations:

The national Republican Party needs to appeal more to groups that it has little appeal to now, and it needs to genuinely care about these groups at the national level.

I will fight for the national Republican Party to do more to help the lower and middle classes, the poor, the near-poor, and senior citizens.

I will fight for the national Republican Party NOT to be in favor of making cuts to federal government social programs such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, college student loans, and unemployment insurance benefits. I will fight for the national Republican Party to strongly stand against white-nationalism and sexism.

I will fight for the national Republican Party to strongly stand in favor of the total equality of women including being in favor of equal pay for equal work for women, and being in favor of heavily-fining people who commit sexual harassment and all other forms of sexual abuse and assault as well as imprisoning these evil predators.

Lastly, I will fight for the passage of a federal government national health insurance plan/program that is the same one that Ontario, Canada has, but not “Medicare-For-All.”


Stewart B. Epstein

Reader not voting for any more Democrats

To the Democrats: Impeach? I will never vote for a Democrat again.

I’ve been voting for 54 years and was a Democrat until Hillary came along.

Pete Wallace

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Letters to the Editor

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Letters to the Editor

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