Letters to the Editor

The incorporation merry-go-round

Here we go on the incorporation merry-go-round again. How many times do we have to vote this down?? We have three times in the 28 years I’ve lived here.

Who is going to pay for all the duplicate offices that we have already, like treasurer, assessor, clerk, law enforcement, road department, administration, animal control/shelter, human resources, planning department, recorder, and all the employees that are part of this?? Do you really think the county is just going to say “oh, now that you are incorporated, we will cut back on our employees so your taxes don’t go up”??

Think long and hard on this one folks —- Are the incorporation people trying to create high-paying jobs for themselves at our expense? Remember Bell California?

Pete Wallace


Thank you for defense classes

Many thanks to the Sheriff’s Office for teaching the self-defense classes.

The classes are open to 14-year olds (with parent) to 90-year- olds plus handicapped.

Thanks again for teaching so many ways to defend yourself.

Sandra Jones


Do we really want incorporation?


The residents of Pahrump should put a stop to this.

I lived in a nice county that incorporated. What did the commissioners and board members get? Most of them got higher paying city jobs.

What did the residents get? Well, we got higher property, gas, and other taxes, along with higher water, electric, gas, garbage, etc., bills.

Where did most of the money go? The majority of it went into the state general fund and/or businesses. Very little was left for the incorporated city. Now when I go back, parts of the city looks like a slum.

If Mr. Kulkin wants an incorporated city, let him move to one. Really do your research and consider what you want before you vote. Government has never worked like a business and incorporation never stops crimes.

Linda Oliver