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Letters to the Editor

I would like to thank the Pahrump Valley Times (Marie Wujek, publisher), and her entire staff for sponsoring, supporting, and for all their efforts and coverage of the first annual WPRA Rodeo and the follow-up coverage.

I would also like to thank our sponsors and supporter for all their efforts:

Saitta Trudeau, Arrow Over X Feed, Dr. Taylor Chiropractic, Quality Signs, B&C Printing, Mike at Waste Solutions, Elaina at Joe’s Sanitation, Debby and the staff at Maverick Saloon.

Also thanks to Hero Bail Bonds, Nevada Treasure RV Resort, Awards Plus, My Paralegal, Tyann at Nathan Adelson Hospice, The Tribe Motorcycle Club, the town’s ground staff, Arnie’s Cocktail Lounge, Hideaway and Homeland Heroes.

We at Brightlite Cancer Foundation thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Cowboy Ken


Generous donations appreciated

The Southern Nye County Search and Rescue members wish to extend to you and the Stardust Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star our most heartfelt thank you for your generous donations to our unit. With your help we are able to purchase needed equipment for use in serving this community of ours.

Again, thank you so much.

Chuck Miller


Success for the senior center

A giant thank you goes out to the community of Pahrump as they joined forces to assist in making an event a wonderful success for the Senior Center.

On Saturday, June 22, Inspirations Senior Living, in partnership with Comfort Hospice Care, Desert View Hospital and Nathan Adelson Hospice put on a special Calypso Night event to benefit the Pahrump Senior Center’s Meals on Wheels program.

But as always, it goes so much deeper than that.

A special thank you goes out to the donors for all the wonderful raffle prizes and live auction prizes:

Jay from Integrity Home Health for donating the beautiful Starbucks basket along with the See’s Candy basket, Death Valley Museum for the wonderful basketfull of gift items, Walmart, Industrial Light and Power, Mountain Falls, Sweet Corner, Dina Williamson-Erdag for nine different raffle prizes (with a large price range in value), Lillian Donohue for several raffle prizes and the door prize, Desert View Hospital, Comfort Hospice Care and Nathan Adelson Hospice for their raffle prizes.

Thank you to Ron Frazier for his donations of gift certificates to Frazier Furniture and subscriptions to Pahrump Life Magazine, Betty Calgren, Sanders Family Winery and Kim Francher for their donations.

The live auction items made quite a hit. Dr. George Leaks donated an eye exam and pair of glasses, Dina donated a Front Sight gift certificate and the Ron Fellow Performance Driving School donated speed laps in a Corvette.

Inspirations provided the location for the event along with the food, which was spectacularly presented and very much appreciated. The chef and her team did an incredible job providing Calypso themed appetizers that won over everyone.

The team and Founders Club residents at Inspirations jumped in to either help or enjoy, depending on their role at the time.

It goes without saying that without the support of the attendees there would have been no event. Because of all the support of our community we raised $2,500 for the Pahrump Senior Center Meals on Wheels program.

Again, thank you to our media support and the generous people of Pahrump.

Tonya Brum, Tyann James, Wes Clouser and Meagan Kowalski

Inspirations Senior Living, Nathan Adelson Hospice Comfort Hospice, Care Desert View Hospital

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