Letters to the Editor

It’s time to impeach!

House Speaker John Boehner is suing President Obama for “not faithfully executing the laws” and “subverting laws approved by Congress,” such as halting deportation of immigrants, expanding gay rights, and more. The President has used his Executive powers 23 times to destroy our Second Amendment. He is using Obamacare to destroy our health care system. He is using the IRS to destroy the Fourth Amendment, to obliterate the Tea Party and to enforce Obamacare. He is pushing Homosexual “rights” to obliterate our First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

Fox News showed that the Administration was blindsided 9 times: in Iraq and Ukraine, VA, IRS, Fast and Furious scandals, and four more. Perhaps the Administration didn’t notice these problems because it’s so focused on destroying America.

House Speaker Boehner is pussy-footing around the real issue. The arrogance of the Obama Administration smacks of Germany, 1936. Pres. Obama and his henchman, Senator Reid, the pit-bull of the Senate with the vicious mouth, have long over-stepped their Constitutional boundaries. The time for suing is passed. Dictators only understand superior power. IT IS TIME TO IMPEACH!

Leslie Bates

A highly qualified candidate for sheriff

I wish to express complete agreement with Jim Ferrell’s recent commentary in the June 27 PVT, as he made the argument in favor of candidate for sheriff, Sharon Wehrly. I have never met the lady, but by all accounts Ms. Wehrly’s experience in law enforcement makes her a highly qualified candidate for the office of sheriff.

It is worth considering however, that over and above her years of training and developed skills in the field, Ms. Wehrly possesses a singular distinction. To my knowledge she has never been employed by the NCSO and except as professionally required, she has no long-term association with that office. This alone allows for the highest confidence that Sharon Wehrly remains untainted by an organization which for years has been plagued by controversy and scandal.

Doubtless, every concerned resident of Nye County shares the view that a fresh direction, zero tolerance for miscreant behavior and an innovative approach, is sorely needed at the NCSO. I am willing to believe that Sharon Wehrly will demonstrate the visionary leadership and integrity that has been denied to us for much too long.

Ralph Bazan

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