Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

A veteran thanks Denny’s and the community

I would like to thank the employees and owners of Denny’s for providing a free breakfast to all U.S. veterans. It was a surprise to me to see a business provide a free breakfast to those who have sacrificed and served our nation. Denny’s was packed this Veterans Day morning and it was a sight to see. I was seated at the counter next to a couple who both served our nation. The husband served tours in the Korean and Vietnam wars. His wife was a nurse for the Navy. They were both very pleased that a local business was recognizing them for their service.

I would also like to thank Pahrump Valley High School for recognizing and honoring our U.S. Veterans. On Thursday evening the high school ROTC, band, and choir held a concert in honor of Veterans Day. The students did a wonderful job performing patriotic songs. The highlight was performing “Goodnight Saigon” by Billy Joel.

Oftentimes the residents and nonresidents of Pahrump are critical of this community. Every community has its faults and it is easy to focus on the negative. However, the events which I have listed above make me proud of my community.

Keep up the good work.


Dylan Moellendorf

Pahrump could be a very nice town with some cleanup

Is the city of Pahrump going to clean up the trash? The bad part about it is the dump is free. So many dumpy yards! It could be a very nice place if something was done about it.

People need to take more pride in their yards. Code compliance doesn’t seem to care unless they get complaints.

I like it here but it can become a lot better with everyone’s help. Let’s get it cleaned up, and have a nice city.

Ralphel Vaccaro

Reader advocates

scrutinizing politicians, less government control

Reading Mr. Jim Ferrell’s Nov. 10 in the PV Times reinforces my suspicions he has some “talking points” down well, while claiming fairness by adding a touch of a personal story.

A story I am sure Mr. Ferrell would not be willing to verify with his personal records (tax returns) in which he states he ends up paying more taxes while everyone else paid less.

There’s no question all politicians need to be scrutinized and especially their policies and laws. Both sides have been guilty at various times in various ways, being in self-serving rather than in public service. With the war of pitting the rich (Republicans) against the poor (Democrats), I found it fascinating when studying the net worth of those entering the political arena, then their net worth upon leaving or a few years after leaving “public” service.

Even though there is some overlap, the Democrats and the Republicans joining together many times to form lobbying firms, the increases of net worth percentage-wise, heavily seem to favor the Democrats.

Also, while acknowledging the Republicans do have their share of wealthy donors, the Democrats, again percentage-wise, have many more wealthy individual and corporate donors.

Sorry Mr. Ferrell, I have no reason to believe your personal story nor the well-rehearsed talking points. Personally, I’d like to see us get away from our centralized government having so much influence on our daily lives, getting it back to its enumerated powers and back to as localized a government as possible, where those in power have to face the governed, not looking down on us from their ivory towers.

David Jaronik