Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Please Republicans, no more tax cuts for middle class

Ever since the Reagan so-called tax cuts for the middle class, I am suspicious when the Republicans promise tax cuts. Reagan promised to lower the taxes, increase the military spending and balance the budget, all at the same time. He failed miserably. Yes, for the most part he did lower taxes slightly for the middle class while giving huge windfalls to the rich and super-rich. But at what cost? He took over with an accumulated national debt of about $1 trillion, and left office leaving us with a $3 trillion national debt. He was the first president to run up trillion-plus deficit spending during any administration. Without doubt, our country did much better during the Democrat-controlled administration than it has since the Republicans have controlled us. Just consider the insanity of the present Republican administration.

They admit that their tax plan will greatly add to an already high national debt. The news media correctly reports that the Republicans are rewarding their donors like the Koch brothers and Adelson while avoiding fiscal responsibility. It greatly reduces taxes for the very rich while increasing taxes for the middle class. It also allows billions to be inherited tax free. I for one will not be investing in any public debt, certainly not with “voo-doo” Republican economics. “Voo-doo economics” is a term coined by Bush 41 when he heard Reagan give his economic plan.

Mr. Jaronik asked about the most unrealistic question I have ever read. He asked “if 10 percent tithings seem to be acceptable for most religions, why isn’t it enough for Caesar?” I assume he is referring to our government. Such a small tax could not begin to fund the huge Republican industrial/military complex. This is kept alive and well by having military bases scattered all over the world, by having retired generals like Jack Keane sit on boards of companies like General Dynamics, which produces military hardware. Almost the entire state of Virginia is kept alive and well by military contracts funded by taxpayers and more debt. A 10 percent tax could not even scratch the surface on irresponsible Republican military spending.

The super-rich most likely are avoiding getting caught with government debt investments that will never be repaid. Most likely they have their funds in hard assets like land, oil, and gold, which protect against currency devaluations.

At some point we will pay the price, like our ancestors did under Republican Hoover, for irresponsible Republican economics. We should all try and be prepared for that time. Years ago I resigned from the Republican party because instead of offering solutions, they only created more problems.

Jim Ferrell

What are Amargosa’s flag-flying policies

How come Amargosa Valley did not fly the flag at half- staff?

I have seen the school in operation on Nevada Day. But, certainly not on MLK Day. It is strange what Amargosa Valley feels is important.

Wayne P. Brotherton Sr.

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