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Letters to the Editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Some suggestions on the restarting of Nevada

Our governor has focused so much on his fear of the COVID-19 virus, he overlooked ways to restart our economy. So here some suggestions.

First and foremost is social distancing. This could be done in a casino setting. How? Remove half the chairs on the casino floor and bar areas. This was actually done in casinos in Nevada. Along with the physical space created, security personnel had the authority to ask patrons to leave the facility who violated the social distancing policies.

The same physical spacing measures could be adopted in other businesses as well.

Two, the use of ultra-violet lighting (UV). Low-dose UV lighting has been used for years in clinics around the world to kill bacteria and viruses. UV lighting is also used in potable water treatment units. Why? UV lighting can kill viruses like COVID-19 in a few seconds. One doctor, commenting on the effectiveness of UV lighting, was even surprised government officials had not already made UV lighting part of the building code.

Now I know there has been a lot of negative comments about UV rays. But I’m not talking about UV light source being placed next to people. But mounted up by the ceiling; used in conjunction with up-draft fans.

Third, this applies particularly to restaurants, use of disinfectant wipe down of tables and chairs after a patron leaves. This was already being done in the restaurants I used to eat in.

Finally, Use of PPE. Again, this was already being practiced before the governor shut everything down.

So governor, there are available options beyond letting the sky fall. You just need to stop focusing on your fear of COVID-19 and start focusing on ways to restart our economy.

Scott Culshaw

Reader suggests more focus on issues

I would like to acknowledge and reciprocate Mr. Ferrell’s thoughts expressed in his PVT letter, May 20th, 2020. I agree on we would do much better focusing less on individuals and keep our focus on issues. Being less tribal and more individualistic to consider each other’s point of view is always a good starting point.

David Jaronik

Nevada needs to recriminalize use of marijuana

It’s interesting the governor closed most all of the Nevada businesses and the wonderful gaming industry down. We’re told this action was in order to protect the Nevada families and children from COVID-19. Ok fine, hats off to Governor Sisolak, but his sincerity rings hollow. After seemingly backing the drug cartels in the poisoning of the great communities of Nevada with even more marijuana by openly violating the law of the land, Public Law 91-513, which prohibits the sale or possession of marijuana. Without concern for the health and safety of Nevada families and children he even signed destructive bills like forcing employers to take large liability risks forcing them to employ potentially high employees and marijuana addicts to operate equipment and interact with the public. Sisolak should hang his head in shame.

Oniy last Aug. 29th the surgeon general of the United States issued an official warning against the use of marijuana. Additionally, it’s more serious now than ever since it lowers the immune system, making the marijuana users more susceptible to COVID-19 along with most other diseases including cancer. Additionally, we now know smoking marijuana is causing cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome making people sick and killing some of them. We don’t know how many because no one is paying attention but the illness is growing and estimated to affect 2.7 million people at this time.

Nearly every county in Nevada (13 of them) voted overwhelmingly against eliminating state laws against marijuana. Now it’s time for Governor Sisolak and the State Legislature to GROW UP, put their big boy pants on and show some respect for Nevada’s families, children and their right to highway safety, safer drug and crime-free communities, drug-free schools and overall improved wellness and livability of Nevada’s great communities by recriminalizing the poison.

Frank C. Gardner

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