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Letters to the Editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Reader expresses concerns over actions in face of virus

Well, I have suspected for some time that the aliens have flown over and shot this planet with a stupid ray. Now I have proof. The thing is people probably won’t know you are a stupid idiot until you start talking or writing letters to the editor.

1. Why do people think there has been a slowing of COVID-19? Because, wait for it…. The president (don’t care if you like him or not) and the governors have taken steps to slow the virus while the doctors and scientists buy time to find out exactly what this virus is, how it is spread, the symptoms, how people react to it (And yes it is different in different people) and try to create a vaccine so, and wait for it… people won’t die. And because I am at risk, I like the not dying part.

2. What will happen if people don’t go to church? Guess what? The world will not end and life such as it is now will continue. I believe in God and Satan the deceiver but you really don’t have to go to church to prove you are a good Christian or get to heaven or have a minister, rabbi, priest, etc. to tell you about sin, the Bible, or that God gave his only son for us, you already know all that and if you don’t you should. You have a Bible read it. If you feel you need to talk to God, do it. That can be done anywhere, you don’t need a church. Be a good Christian in your everyday life, not just on Sunday when you used to go to church. You’ll get to heaven if you deserve to. Last, but not least, you can attend services via television, computer or just organize a service with your neighbors with everybody in their own back yards.

3. Why are you protesting? Seriously, I know we live in a democracy but people are trying to survive right now. Yes, I know people are out of work and the economy is going into the toilet but this a war, make no mistake. There are no bombs, poison gas, explosive devices, grenades, bullets flying or maybe people would prefer that I wouldn’t.

4. This is a great country and a good place to live. Unfortunately, along with all the good, bad and in between, there are a lot of complainers, whiners and poor me’s out there. People are hurting and life is hard right now for a lot of people. Now is the time to stop this “the universe revolves around me” attitude. There are places to get help. Find them. If you can help your neighbors, friends and strangers while still protecting yourselves, do it. Stay home. You don’t really need to go out to a restaurant, to the movies, the casino, or wherever – you just want to. Well, want to and need to are two very different things.

5. Letting people out of prison WHY? They are isolated from the general public and they have health care. They can’t spread the virus except in the prison population, not to the world at-large. They can be treated for the virus in the prison and they can institute procedures there as well. If groups are contracting the virus, isolate them wherever they are. As I said, there is no shortage of stupid.

Last, but not least, I am not saying that Carolyn Goodman is stupid. She was elected mayor so she evidently has something on the ball and is apparently an intelligent woman. Still, of all the cases in Nevada, and I did the numbers, almost half of them are in Las Vegas as are a great number of the deaths. So really Mayor Goodman, l for the good of us all, keep quiet and don’t do any more interviews.

Just one last thing. If the aliens ever do return, they will probably kill us all to stop the spread of stupid.

Mary Gomes

Reader disputes validity of mail ballot information

In a letter to the editor of the PV Times on June 3, David Jaronik once again misstated facts and simply repeated Faux News misinformation. He stated that “Los Angeles County California sent out 12% more “mail” ballots than actual registered voters. If Mr. Jaronik had done his research he would have found this article (stating only relevant information) by The Dispatch Fact Check:

During a press briefing on Thursday, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany claimed that “somehow in L.A. County 112 percent of Los Angeles County is registered to vote.”

McEnany also made the claim at several points throughout the week, first in a viral tweet and then during a Fox News interview Thursday, in which she stated: “In L.A. County you have 112 percent of the population registered — ask yourself how that happens — and 112 percent of the population gets a ballot. Well that leaves 12 percent subject to fraud — at least 12 percent.”

Los Angeles County did have more registered voters than eligible adults. However, McEnany’s presentation of this fact isn’t completely accurate either: Rather than evidence of mass voter fraud, the 112 percent statistic is due to counting both active and inactive registered voters.

Registered voters may be deemed inactive if a county is informed of a change of address by the Postal Service or certain types of mailed official documents (found on page 88 of this California election manual)—like a residency confirmation postcard, which counties are required to send out 90 days before an election—are returned as undeliverable.

So, Mr Jaronik, once again you are misquoting information and misleading PVT readers. I call this Fake News, from you, WH press secretary Kayleigh McEnany and Faux News.

CJ Stevens

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