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Letters to the Editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Reader disputes COVID-19 numbers given by ‘experts’

Ever since COVID-19 reared its ugly head in March, the “experts” have been throwing numbers at us left and right to justify their actions. Having been a numbers person working for a banking institution for 26 years, I have noticed many times the numbers “don’t add up.” The graphs seemed to only go up, never down for positive cases. Of course, if you only add cases and never remove the healed that will happen. Still, it is not a viable graph for any purpose except to create deception.

I read the August 19, 2020 front page articles regarding COVID-19. Telepath medicine is mentioned for four states. So, my question to our governor is, how many people are you going to let die from thousands of other medical conditions? I’m sick of doctors in Washington state wanting my father to do a Zoom session for his doctor appointments. He is a 92-year-old Korean War veteran, legally blind and deaf. So, governor, tell me how that Zoom session is going to go for him?

The next article says that Nye County failed all three criteria for elevated risk of transmission. Are you kidding me? Case rate per 100,000 I can kind of accept I suppose. But the next two are no-brainers for anyone who lives in Pahrump Valley. The majority of the Nye County population lives here in Pahrump, and a majority of them are either retired or don’t appreciate the government telling them what to do.

The retired do not have employers that must mandate they test before returning to work. The residents that don’t appreciate big government, do not test unless they are employed. Therefore, unless someone is actually ill with symptoms worse than the normal flu, allergies, colds, they don’t test. Period.

Which leads to the third criteria of the highest positivity percentage in the state of 17.2%. If every Tom, Dick and Harry not going in to be tested unless they are actually sick, again the rate of positives are going to be high. Ten sick people get tested because they are actually really sick, odds are eight of them are going to be positive. How can it even be a criteria for punishment from the governor?

Kristine Nay

A reply to the letter to the editor by Mr. Crook

My letter about our education system was to warn parents to actively monitor their children’s education in all schools – home taught, elementary, middle and high school to assure history is not being “revised” by those teaching them.

Teachers have a teaching process, thus many requirements have them skipping our country’s documented past to more political ideas.

Teachers as a whole are interested in their students’ learning – I was married to one so I am familiar with the trials they go through to teach the young.

They often spend their own money to help with the education they are to present to their students as directed by the school authorities.

I believe Dennis mistook my intentions to add his own special meanings to my letter. I guess we all have our biases.

Henry Hurlbut

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Letters to the Editor

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