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Letters to the Editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Pahrump resident would be sad to see balloons go

Since I love seeing balloons flying, the article about the balloon disputes saddened me. Seeing them rise and fly in the mornings was like a symbol of happiness and freedom.

Fly on balloons, even though I won’t see you.

Thank you.

Beverly Chavez

VFW thanks community for generosity and poppy drive

As the VFW Commander I wanted to send a very special thanks out to the community for all of the support that we received on Election Day for our annual Poppy Drive.

All monies raised stay in the valley and goes to support our veterans in need. I am forever amazed at the support that this community does for all of our veteran service organizations in the Valley.

I also want to take the time to recognize Shaleen Norland from Albertsons, Karen Dalzen from Family Dollar, Deanna O’Donnell from KPVM, Carmela Stalker from Core Civic, the 4-H Club, and Frank Carbone from Desert Haven Animal Shelter. Collectively, these organizations support our Veterans Only Food Bank and they make things happen that are just outstanding.

Martin Aguiar

Isn’t it about what is best for America, not power?

I can remember hearing many times ‘people don’t just vote against someone they must for someone’. I’m not so sure that is a true statement reviewing the 2020 election. There is a seething hatred of the current president who I admit does have outward traits that many would associate with a tyrant. But when one prudently evaluates his actions the opposite seems more toward individuals making choices, from leaving things to governors, legislators, down to individuals. His mannerisms make it difficult for many people to overcome.

At this writing, the election has ‘not’ been settled, but it’s looking more like Biden will win, so I question if there’s anyone who seriously believes he will be really in charge of anything? Anyone who has had a family member or a friend that’s become a victim of dementia doesn’t need a Ph.D. to understand its progression in diminished cognitive abilities.

His VP choice has shown her willingness to change any direction political winds blow at any given time throughout her time in politics. Remembering she dropped out of the primaries before the first vote was cast with less than a 35% approval rating.

To be blunt who will be controlling everything? And what will be the results of their actions? Late election night NBC stated ‘maybe there really is a Hunter Biden story worth investigating. That is an unbelievable corrupt statement to announce at a time when it counts for nothing. I do fear for younger people and generations to come that they may never have a look at what the “postmodern” world may very well be. Things like truths are more and more subjective and there is little room for objectivity.

Early in life, I questioned things like how could an advanced, educated society like Germany be duped by someone like Hitler, I found some of the answers in a book called “In The Garden of Beast” and later reading some things written by others such as Voltaire, who said things like; “It is difficult to free someone for chains they revere” and more sobering,” Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”. There has never been a shortage of those willing to obtain power even for benevolent reasons that were eventually corrupted by that power.

David Jaronik

No violence or burning down cities after election

I am proud to say 71 million angry Republican voters did not burn down cities, attack police or tear down monuments, when their right to a lawful election was denied them. I would bet had Trump won, violence would have broken out across America.

I fear for democracy. AOC is asking for lists of Trump supporters, Schumer has said “When we take the Georgia Senate race we can do whatever we want to Them.” Those are the words of DICTATORSHIP.

In regard to voter fraud, a person who progressive Democrats admire said it best. “I don’t care who votes for me; I care for those who count for me.” — Quote from Joseph Stalin.

Kenneth Braun

Reader from ‘across the pond’ weighs in on COVID

I read Tim Burke’s post on how COVID is wearing people down, both mentally and physically. Here in Great Britain people are similarly worn out with the restrictions and the constant changes to the rules and regulations, especially concerning where and in what circumstances masks should be worn. I write this on the final day of October when it is reported that another complete month-long lockdown is shortly to be announced, causing severe economic issues due to nonessential business being ordered to close though, of course, the intention is to reduce the growing number of people being infected, resulting in a death rate matching that of the spring when the virus was at its most virulent.

It is easy to criticize the government of the day and many politicians have made political capital of how Boris Johnson and his team of ministers have handled the pandemic, especially stating that the first lockdown wasn’t introduced early enough, though some of the same people are now stating that going into another lockdown will cause more harm than good given the damage it does to people’s mental state due to the lack of social interaction, along with the economic damage caused by the government vastly reducing their financial support to working people unable to pursue their careers due to the restrictions.

My own view, as a 70-year-old widower with a handicap, is that individuals have to take responsibility for their own actions by socially distancing from people at all times and wearing a mask, however tiresome that may be, whenever they are required to do so. It is similar to crossing a road, you are responsible for not getting run over. Though for how long these restrictions are going to impact our daily lives is impossible to say but a sense of community that involves looking out for our family, friends and neighbors is vital in keeping everyone’s mental and physical well-being intact in these uncertain and worrying times.

Kenneth Farrington

West Yorkshire, Great Britain

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TIM BURKE: New mandates feel like violation of personal rights

I am at home by myself, sitting at my desk and typing on my computer with a face mask on. No, not really, because under Governor Sisolak’s Emergency Directive 035, being alone exempts me from that requirement. The surge in COVID-19 positives and government directives in response has made this our new reality. For the third time in less than two weeks, Nevada on Tuesday set a record for most coronavirus cases reported in a day since the start of the pandemic, state data shows. According to the Department of Health and Human Services website, there were 2,853 new cases reported Tuesday, along with 24 additional deaths. The updated figures brought totals in the state to 139,080 cases and 2,047 deaths.

DAN SCHINHOFEN: Bill of Rights?

Back in January when the “novel coronavirus” was finally making the news, after the debacle of impeachment was over, I was very interested as I watched the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) shut down a city with 35 million residents. My first reaction was, “This could never happen in America as we have a Bill of Rights.” Boy was I wrong.

DAN SCHINHOFEN: Lessons learned

This past year has seen a lot of changes and most not for the better. As I sit here thinking it over, here are some of the things I have learned.

TIM BURKE: Possible second mandated shutdown would be disastrous

The recent rapid increase in COVID-19 positives is threatening to close businesses and halt family holiday gatherings temporarily. The post-election decrease in COVID-19 positives that some theorized would take place due to the election did not materialize. The exact opposite has happened.