Outsider takes both nights of Jim Marsh Classic

TONOPAH — An outsider upset the hometown racers at the Jim Marsh Classic. Northern Nevada racer, Cory Sample of Winnemucca won the Modified Class for the two-day event. Sample walked away $2,000 richer.

According to his Facebook page, Sample and his 00 car travels all over the country.

This was the 22nd win of the season for him.

According to the president of the Tonopah Speedway, Lee Ketten, outsiders from the north have won the race several years in a row.

Some racers like the outsiders and some don’t. Tonopah racer Steve Stringer said he didn’t mind outside racers coming in to race.

“I don’t mind them,” he said. “It’s supposed to make you better. If you are driving a Modified car it’s supposed to be the cream of the crop. If you are scared, then you should be racing in the Hobby Stock class.”

On the first day, Mike Martin and Rick Durica took second and third for the Modifieds and on the second day James Thibodeaux and Alec Childs took second and third.

“It was all Cory Sample though,” Stringer said. “He got out to a good lead and had no problem winning.”

There were two other classes that ran in the Jim Marsh, the Bombers and the Mini Stocks.

For the Bombers on day one, Jay Silas was first, Lee “CUB”Ketten was second and Michael Ray McLaughlin was third. On day 2, Lee “CUB” Ketten was first, Jay Silas was second and Mchael Ray McLaughlin was third.

For the Mini Stocks on day 1, Austin Bradley was first, Dillon Otteson was second and Megan Musick was third. On day 2, Tanner Otteson was first, Dillon Otteson was second and Donna Real was third.

The second Mini Stock race on day two was interesting because the cars seemed to be falling apart. Hoods were flying off and one car driven by Dillon Otteson was smoking.

Apparently Dillon and Tanner Otteson have a little rivalry going and both didn’t want to lose.

Ketten said the Mini Stocks put on a show.

“ If you were watching you would have seen the excessive smoke the last four or five laps as Dillon (Otteson) ruined his motor by continuing with his engine not having any water in it,” Ketten said. “But he and his uncle Tanner (Otteson) had a kinda grudge going on.”

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