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Letters to the Editor

Water rights holders will not benefit from plan

The article on water fears made my fears of losing or having to pay for my water that I own become even stronger.

If water is so tight, why is Henderson building a water park? Why is Pahrump trying to build a water park and/or allowing a new hotel? Don’t all of these ventures consume a lot of water? How do I find out whether I fall in the “everyone other than most senior water right holders” category? Who would benefit the most from the engineers’ plan? Obviously it will not be the people who have the water rights. Also if no one can answer these questions for the people concerned, then how can the engineers make a good water plan for this area?

Remember those legislators who wrote and/or passed Assembly Bill 419 in 2009 do not work for us, but big business in Las Vegas who fund their political coffers and UICN who wants to control our water.

Is this what we as the people want?

Linda Oliver

Irritated by high water bill

This is one issue (as I would always tell people, ‘if that’s all you have to complain about, life is pretty good for you’), but it irritated the heck out of me.

For three and a half years I received a bill from Utilities Inc. for between $70 and $80. Water consumption is $25, sewage disposal is $49. It’s just my wife and I, and includes washer, dryer, dishwasher, irrigation and so on.

A family of five, who would pay $100 for water, about 5,000 more gallons per month, gets charged the same flat fee.

Why not a sliding scale, maybe with the new digital meters they are installing, it could be programmed easily.

Ralph Rice