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COMMUNITY VIEWPOINT: Mr. Schinhofen wants another term

Let’s start with a few facts, not twisted words from Mr. Schinhofen and his campaign manager. He managed to say in three lines the word ‘city’ and ‘incorporation’ four times, like if he says it enough times someone will believe him.

Let me say this again since the only time it seems to come up is during an election and especially this year when his campaign manager is telling him to stay on this topic over and over, how sad is that.

Your town board has NO authority to move towards incorporation and Mr. Schinhofen knows that but he’s trying to scare you into believing that the town can do something they cannot.

How do I feel about this issue? I feel everyone has the right to be heard at the ballot box; you remember that little thing called the First Amendment don’t you, Mr. Schinhofen?

He was quoted saying “The town wasting our money suing the people who voted against them is sickening.”

What is sickening is that he wants you to believe the lawsuit is against the citizens of Pahrump when in fact it is against the County Commission for violating the law (NRS 269.022) and only that. If they had in fact followed the law this would be a moot point.

He goes on to say “I wish they’d just roll over and quit spending money to fight it out.” Mr. Schinhofen keeps saying our money like it is his money. Could that be because the county is fiscally deficient while the town is fiscally strong! The county needs the town’s money to survive the future.

Mr. Schinhofen goes on to say “They increased taxes … You can expect more if my opponent gets elected.” It’s comments like this that show how Mr. Schinhofen failed to do his research. Did the town raise taxes? Yes they did. But if you look at the vote on that issue you will see that I voted NO on increasing taxes as did one other Town Board member.

But let’s look at the taxes (sales tax, impact fees and gas tax). Mr. Schinhofen voted to raise and in fact made the motions and voted yes on raising those taxes.

This was after he went to Carson City last year to ask for more tax money from the state and was denied, which I believe goes against Mr. Schinhofen’s belief of less government yet he asked the government to give him more tax money.

He voted to increase the sales tax just a few months ago causing us all to pay more in sales tax.

He voted to bring back the impact fees which he feels are ok to charge and his comment from the dais was “If someone is building a home and can’t afford the fees and taxes they should not be building a home here.”

He has also stated he wants to increase the gas tax on all Nye County citizens by 3 cents a gallon and will be bringing it forward very soon to do just that.

I think he’s shown by his own actions who is willing to increase taxes here and it is not me.

He was asked by the PVT what have you accomplished in the last four years as a County Commissioner and his reply was “We haven’t done anything”, yet he wants to represent this community for another term? I don’t think so!

He was asked about the money he makes on disability. Which is none of our business how much he does or doesn’t make.

However, Mr. Schinhofen went on to say “I can’t hold a regular job. This isn’t a regular job.” Really, commissioner? I think the folks of your district who elected you to do the job, regular or not, would disagree with you.

I am sure that those citizens who voted for you would have expected more than “We haven’t done anything” and “This isn’t a job!” If this is how you feel about this job then why wait for the next election? Resign now and save taxpayers’ money.

I have said I will run a clean and open campaign, but, Mr. Schinhofen, don’t take that as being weak because I will reply when attacked, as you have seen fit to do here in the PVT and on the local radio station.

Bill Dolan, candidate

Nye County Commission District 5

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