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Isn’t breaking laws what politics is about?

I read Mr. Ferrell’s progressive outlook on things and felt a response was in order. Let me say right off I am not a supporter of Mr. Schinhofen and that I consider Senators Graham and McCain to be progressives.

Mr. Ferrell says the nation rejected the Republican Mr. Romney in the 2012 election. That is true but only the under-50 crowd voted for more hope and change, and President Obama got a whopping 51 percent of the popular vote, hardly a landslide with 49 percent of the voters not wanting him.

The point on the president drawing a red line in Syria and the chemicals were removed, well he had to get the Russians to do that and, as of now, not all have been removed.

On his IRS point of failed attempt to get information on Lois Lerner and others, it is hard when the IRS lies, stalls and destroys evidence. However, information is coming out piece by piece that Lois and the IRS may have done some things not legal.

I am surprised that Mr. Ferrell questions Mr. Schinhofen on if he wants President Obama to disobey a law passed by President Bush concerning the children coming across our border.

President Obama has no problem disobeying other laws he wants to, one of which led to the increase of children of illegal immigrants.

When President Obama made the recess appointments when the Senate was legally in session shows his disregard for the law. Congress not voting on an immigration bill is not hard to understand. Why would you vote for a bad bill on which Senator Reid would allow no changes to be voted on?

Mr. Ferrell uses the standard progressive talking points about failed education; we can fix it with a lot more money. The average spending per student (K-12) per year is $10,559. Only three countries in the world spend more. There are many reasons American students do not learn and the lack of money is not a major one.

The argument that corporations donate to Republicans for laws to benefit the top 1 percent is questionable. The top 1 percent divides out this way: 41 percent Independent, 33 percent Republican and 26 percent Democrat. Also, the top 32 donors to parties breaks down to 20 Democrat, 6 Republican and 6 Independent. The top 10 Democrat donors gave more than the top 10 Republican donors by 2 to 1. Of the 20 richest people in the U.S., 12 are Democrats.

In the 2000 election Florida had several problems occur. First was the news networks declaring the polls closed and Gore the winner, forgetting that Florida is in two time zones. Next there were military absentee ballots with no postmarks that did not get counted. Mail for military personnel overseas does not always have postmarks. Different counties had different style ballots confusing some voters. And the list goes on, including the infamous hanging and dimpled chads. Yes the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to stop the recount and that was going on in only four counties and President Bush was ahead at the time. It was past the legal time to certify the election and the recount was going to take weeks longer.

Lastly, Mr. Ferrell may be right that something as horrible as what Hitler did could happen here, but only if the people elect people who will not obey the Constitution as written and feel it must be interpreted differently. We have many of those in office and on the benches now. Since Mr. Ferrell has a low opinion of Fox News he surely does not watch it. How would he know what the commentators say? I’ll bet he gets his information from MSNBC.

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