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Letter: Not much progress on roundabouts so far

Here it is December 12th and not too much has been done on the roundabouts since mid-October except messed up traffic.

What happens when it’s time to pave the roundabouts? The Highway 160 contractor said it’s too cold to lay pavement until about “late” April but will do other work during winter months. Will the roundabout contractor do the same? Probably, since NDOT hired both roadway contractors.

Funny, but I don’t remember the signals causing this kind of delay. I would have bet that had signals been contracted (for $3.5 million less) by NDOT, we would have a finished product by now – just a thought.

Now my concern is, who will foot the bill for the chip seal on the streets the heavy trucks are using?

Enough said at this point.

Henry Hurlbut III

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