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Letter: Open letter to all my neighbors about Pahrump traffic

This town has a very big traffic problem that they are not solving. What they are doing is just putting a large bandage on it and trying to get us all to live with it. The people who came here from the city are used to traffic chaos/confusion. The experts, who usually do a terrific job are missing a simple solution: Highway 372 should be changed to a one-way street and another street should be built going the other direction. This also should be done to Highway 160.

I like to go shopping numerous times each month and now I go less to avoid the traffic and keep trying to figure out what time of day is better! Is this freedom of choice?

Another problem is the money. The town could send a letter to every citizen with a Nevada license and request a donation of $5, $10, or $20 to help pay for it. Look at all the health donation groups that request money for a particular health problem and this area of concern is not affecting as many people as traffic.

Also, if you need to take people’s houses or businesses under “eminent domain”, our town should have a good committee, (volunteers also), to help these people who helped the town to get a new location that is terrific and affordable.

This town is going to grow, just as the number of accidents (car). We need to improve the situation if we are going to be a great rural community that is a leader of towns in our state of Nevada.

Your neighbor,

Diane Brungard

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