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Letter to the Editor

Glen Beck’s apology

Glen Beck has apologized for his years of relentless attacks on President Obama. Reflecting on his time as incendiary Fox News host, Beck confessed, “I think I played a role unfortunately in helping to tear the country apart.” That’s an understatement. Beck’s “greatest hit” included describing President Obama as a ‘racist’ and Marxist with a deep-seated hatred for white people.

Beck’s feverish conspiracy theories and relentless, racially tinged attacks didn’t just rile people up, they outright misinformed them. Thanks Glen, for admitting your mistakes.

Ok, so when is the Tea Party going to come clean about the disruptions they’ve caused in the country, economy and government over the past five years that have dominated American politics and divided the nation?

Ron Lowe

Nevada City, Calif.

DMV upgrade could cost Nevada extra $300M amid rollout woes

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles’ modernization of its computer system could take longer than anticipated and cost the state more than $300 million in additional funding.

EDITORIAL: Biden extends state, local slush funds

Joe Biden’s aptly misnamed American Rescue Plan, passed in 2021, dedicated $350 billion for state and local governments to stem budget losses due to pandemic business closures and subsequent tax shortfalls.

‘Taking root’: Nevada’s future with psychedelic therapy

A Nevada working group will study the benefits of psychedelic medicine, such as magic mushrooms or “shrooms,” and make recommendations for future policies.