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Letters to the Editor

Reader advises residents to refuse solar facility

Candelara Renewables, a San Francisco-based company, is on the verge of obtaining the requisite approvals from our elected officials (Nye County commissioners), to install deep within the boundaries of Pahrump the Rough Hat Nye County project, a massive solar panel array.

Residents of Pahrump have voiced valid concerns for turning down Candelara Renewables’ request for approval, from the visual repulsiveness of a massive solar array to the extensive damage it will wreak upon the natural habitat. These are facts, not opinions and they are especially concerning since the project will literally be in Pahrump’s back yard.

But as proven time and time again, I sadly believe our elected officials will defer to this cash-laden business, regardless of the harm to the community.

In this case, however, everyone who calls Pahrump home should stand our ground and demand the project be totally and unequivocally scrapped for one very pertinent reason: Rough Hat will consume (in their words) around 800 acre-feet of water just in the construction phase and then five to 20 acre-feet thereafter.

This should concern everyone who lives in Pahrump as all our water comes from the same place Candelara Renewables will get their 800 acre-feet: our ground water. And for what?

None of the electricity they generate will benefit a single person in Pahrump — it will all be sold to markets elsewhere. And even if it did benefit us, what good would cheap electricity do once wells begin drying up?

I suppose a work around would to mandate Candelara Renewables truck in all the water they need for construction from sources outside of the Pahrump valley aquifers. But even that doesn’t negate the ugliness of the project or the damage it causes to the natural environment. Remember the commissioners’ votes come Election Day.

David Perlman

Express your opinion, just don’t babble says reader

I would say that opinions expressed on the PVT’s Voices page can be categorized in several ways: those that are well conceived and provide useful information, others that are merely critical of this or that politician, supported by clearly understandable reasons, and some, while attempting to point out political deception, unvarnished lies, etc., convey nothing more than a hodgepodge of erroneous messages.

It’s one thing to criticize government policy and process by offering facts and specifics. But to ramble on and on about loss of personal liberty in America, such as freedom of speech, the right to keep and bear arms, that our armed forces have become weaker, and while exercising the right to do this without the first hint of restraint or retribution, strikes me as nothing more than babble.

Don’t get me wrong. I value the opinions of others. They often lead me to reassess my own point of view, whether or not it causes me to see matters differently. Remember the old TV series “Davy Crockett”? The frontiersman was supposedly credited with saying “Be sure you’re right. Then go ahead.” Okay. Nothing monumental about it, except that it’s a philosophy we like to think of as a basic American principle; especially in regard to how government functions.

Some will contest it to their dying day, but the predecessor to President Biden was replaced because a sufficient number of voters saw a need for change. And it wasn’t voter fraud that brought this about. Again, believe what you will.

That said, I foro Joe Biden’s assent to chief executive as anything like the second coming. And I’m fairly sure that Mr. Biden will also hold office for only one term. What’s important to focus on is that Americans continue to enjoy the freedom of choice. As long as we have that option we will remain a democracy. Choice! I love that word. And while I can still voice or write an opinion, I will strongly advocate to see term limits become a reality for elected political office at every level of government.

Ralph Bazan

Reader just doesn’t want to be called Biden supporter

In reference to Ms. Stevens’ letter on Oct. 22 who responded to my letter on Oct. 13, it is her right to agree or disagree with me. Her name-calling does not bother me unless she would go so low that she would call me a Biden supporter. I voted for Trump and proud of it. He may have said things I may not have disagreed with but at least he did great things for our country and listened to the people.

We all have our opinions, and I will not get into name-calling. I do not need to watch Fox, CNN, MSNBC and the like, or to check facts to see what is happening. What I see is that our great country is going downhill fast and becoming a socialist country.

What I can’t believe is that Ms. Stevens is OK with our higher gas prices, higher grocery prices, losing our freedom of speech, critical race theory that is being taught in our schools, Americans who were left behind in Afghanistan, defunding our police, corrupt politicians who will say or do anything for power or money, and not care or listen to what people want, our wide-open borders for illegals to swarm in, then end up with more rights than the average citizen. Few are being deported but videos show that most are being bused or flown to many of our states. Check with state officials to verify this. If border walls do not work why is Biden building one around his beach house at a cost of $450,000 to taxpayers? This can be verified on Google if anyone wishes. I could go on and on.

Also we no longer have our energy independence and are relying on OPEC for oil which is causing fuel prices to increase which in turn adds to our inflation. Once again, I don’t need to watch Fox, CNN, MSNBC to see what’s going on right in front of me. These are my facts …. Don’t need a fact checker thank you.

If people like socialism, communism and losing their freedom of speech, why not just go to China, Russia, North Korea, or any other socialist countries? I must say, I do not understand why anyone would be OK with these things.

So far, I cannot think of anything Biden has done that is good for this country.

Bill Angle

Maybe climate change is not all our fault says reader

The latest get-together, called the COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, was attended by about 25,000 power players from around the world for again, saving the earth.

Most of these people flew in on private jets and used limos for ground transportation. Our president only used five jumbo jets to transport his entourage and an 85-vehicle motorcade to get there. This didn’t include other U.S. movers and shakers like Jeff Bezos, Leonardo De Caprio, and others. I’m sure many are true believers and maybe don’t know anything about “Skype” or maybe they just wanted to dine on exotic and expensive foods.

I’m not saying climate change is fake, it’s real and has been happening since the earth’s formation and mostly at its pace. The big question is how much we have and can influence it? Pollution is an obvious part and developed countries, particularly the U.S. have made tremendous strides preventing all polluting causes, but the developing countries are focused on improving the lives of their people and pollution is a back-burner issue, so without places like China, India, and others going beyond lip service, little will happen on the earth’s scale.

Since the nuclear age, humanity is capable of really changing the earth’s climate on a major scale very quickly, we wouldn’t have to wait for that ever-changing date in the future to destroy the earth’s climate we’ve been hearing about for many years. There are clues everywhere in history on climate changes that destroyed societies and sometimes progressed societies, for example, on the science channel, the series, “What on Earth” was a show that investigated puzzling satellite pictures of Earth. In a recent episode, in almost the middle of the very desolate Sahara Desert, they had pictures of dark areas. When they went there they were found to be small freshwater pools and on further investigation they found there was a very large freshwater lake there that contained more fresh water than all the Great Lakes of America combined.

Also, this was a tropical area where many people thrived and lived until about 8,000 years ago. Then something happened that these lakes were disappearing, so these people left. (They didn’t find any evidence the people were using SUVs or eating too much meat there).

Then on another program called “Lost Tombs of the Maya”, they investigated why the once-powerful Mayan society disappeared after centuries of domination in the area. It got a little more complicated, but some major causes were first due to active volcanos near their cities and favorable winds carrying volcanic dust to their agricultural fields normally for centuries. The winds generally shifted and crop failure normally ensued.

Then there were major volcanic eruptions by these volcanoes and many believed the “end of the world” was at hand. Again no traces of SUVs, too much meat consumption, or any such attributing factors were found.

So maybe we have less control in a great number of areas of Mother Nature than even the “experts” care to admit, while they live in their “do as I say” and not in the “do as I do” world!

David Jaronik

Reader disputes facts in recent PVT letter to editor

Karen, Karen, Karen. You say I bash Trump but never say anything good about Biden. Yet you only bash “the new 3.5 trillion-dollar spending bill” but say nothing good about it. How hypocritical and self-serving is that?

Yes, the bill wants to hire more IRS agents, but you forgot to mention that the Congressional Budget Office said the plan to increase IRS funding by $80 billion would increase revenue by about $200 billion over the same period of time – thus paying for itself AND MORE and not costing the public anything. New agents would primarily target individuals and corporations with higher incomes and profits -not YOU, as you stated. Get your facts right -ALL the facts!

As far as your assertion that the Bidens “still owe a large amount in back taxes” you are incorrect. Right now, they don’t owe ANY back taxes. They MIGHT owe as much as $500k in back taxes but that is yet to be determined. If it is decided they owe that, then they will pay it. You say nothing about Trump not showing his income tax returns or mention his tax avoidance scheme of claiming properties he owns are worth cents on the dollar when it comes time to pay taxes, but claims the same properties are worth 10-plus times as much when it’s time to get a loan again the property. Again, you have left out a significant number of FACTS. Maybe you should grab one of your dunce caps and join the crowd in the corner.

Now, for the good in the proposed bill.

• Two free years of community college – especially good for those who cannot afford a four-year college. Maybe Karen could take advantage of that to learn how to do research and write letters.

• Child care and universal pre-K for children 0-5 years old. Again, this will help the middle- and lower-income classes.

• Medicare expansion to cover much needed dental, hearing and vision services to our seniors.

• Extended the current child tax credit for at least one more year. This will only be for middle- and lower-income families.

• Cut prescription drug prices where we pay two or three times more than other countries.

• Paid family and medical leave with a limit on the time used and giving low-income earners a higher percent of their income.

• Climate change – whether you like it or not, it’s happening.

And how would all this be paid for? Mostly from more income generated by the IRS, over $400k earners will pay a higher percent in taxes, and corporate income tax reform. NA DA, NOTHING from you, the average Joe &Karen taxpayers. Unlike the Trump tax bill which cost our nation billions. A Feb 5, 2019, memo from the House Committee on the Budget (Trump Administration) states: “Households with incomes of $25,000 or less, for example, saved an average $60 in 2018 from the tax cut, according to the Tax Policy Center. By comparison, the top 1 percent of households saw savings of more than $51,000 on average.” And as for the deficit that Trump promised to erase, the “CBO projected that the tax cut will add $1.9 trillion” to the deficit. The national debt rose by almost $7.8 trillion during Trump’s time in office. How convenient that all of this was left out of Karen’s letter.

You can choose to pick my letter apart and I will admit to not including all the minor nuances, but the facts stated are true and thoroughly researched from RELIABLE sources. Other letter writers should do the same.

CJ Stevens

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