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Letters to the Editor

Nye County schools in need of musical instruments

Nye County School District recently received a grant for $26,319.78 from the Hughes and Jones Music Fund for Nevada Public Schools. The grant has allowed the district to purchase much-needed instruments for Nye County students. As part of the grant, we are asking members of our community to donate new or slightly used, working instruments as in-kind match contributions. The impact from the additional instruments will support expansion of music programs across the district.

Schools that will benefit from the grant are Pahrump Valley High School, Rosemary Clarke Middle School, Beatty Middle and High schools, Tonopah Middle and High schools, and Round Mountain Middle and High schools.

If you have an instrument you would like to donate, please drop it off at the district office in either Tonopah or Pahrump, or call Karen Holley or Karin Williams at 775-727-7743. The Nye County School District would like to thank you in advance for your contribution to our music students.

Karen Holley, Coordinator

Federal and State Programs, Nye County School District

Explaining why there are petition efforts underway in Pahrump

Initiatives and referendum are processes that allow Nevada citizens to utilize a petition circulation process to propose new legislation, amend the Nevada Constitution or existing state statutes or approve or disapprove of existing laws. Initiatives are a device by which voters enact state or local laws. A referendum can only approve or disapprove a statute, resolution, or ordinance that was enacted by the State Legislature, Board of County Commissioners or City Council. They are both methods of involving voters directly in the legislative process of government.

An effort to gather enough signatures in Nye County to place some questions for a vote, is underway in Pahrump. From some of the comments made by elected officials and the public, I thought it warranted me bringing some light to what has and is occurring. The only action that will be taken if enough signatures are gathered is the placement on the ballot for approval or disapproval by "we the people". That's right, these petitions are in no way the final verdict.

There are five questions: 1) Should the Nye County seat be moved from Tonopah to Pahrump? 2) Should the half cent sales tax be repealed? 3) Should the five-cent gas tax be repealed? 4) Should the Nye County Water District be dissolved? 5) Should the five-dollar parcel fee that funds the water district be repealed?

You may agree or disagree with any or all of these individual questions, I might too. The principle at stake here is whether we have a right to vote on the issues. By signing the petitions you are agreeing with this basic principle of democracy, the right to be heard at the ballot box. We get to participate in the legislative process -- participate directly in our government.

We have one county commissioner that believes as a democratic republic, he and his fellow commissioners make every decision that affects the county. This is a misrepresentation of the concept. It is true that we elect representatives to decide on many issues, rather than voting for each issue individually. But this does not prevent our voting on issues that the commissioners disapprove of. Some issues, such as taxes, should always be approved at the ballot box. We can overturn the commissioners' decisions at the ballot box, or in the case of an agreement on their decisions, we can affirm their decisions as well. The commissioners can also bring items to the public for a vote, rather than decide them directly. This is how our system of governing operates and all citizens should be aware of the entire process.

If one or more of the petitions receive enough votes to qualify for inclusion in next November's election, then we will all have the right to vote as we choose. The key in the petition drive is to insure we get to vote. Untold numbers of Americans have died for our right to vote so let's exercise it in honor of their sacrifice.

You will notice tables and signs outside businesses and events, where petition gatherers have petitions available for signing. Educate yourself on these issues by stopping by and reading the petitions. If you ask, you will also be informed as to the history behind the issues and why the effort is underway to vote on them. Knowledge is power, if you don't educate yourself on the issues that affect your life, then you leave the results in the hands of those who might harm you through their decisions.

Dwight Lilly

GEAR UP thank you for successful career and college fair

GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs) representatives from Pahrump Valley High School, Beatty High School, Tonopah High School and Gabbs High School would like to thank the following businesses, colleges, motivational speakers, chaperones and volunteers for making our College and Career Fair that was held at the Beatty Community Center on Feb. 11 an overwhelming success.

Beatty Community Center, Carrie Radomski - Ricardo Lopez; Pahrump Valley Times, Reporter Richard Stephens; Motivational Speaker, Mark Robinson; Beatty High School students (set-up and other assistance); Affiliated Chiropractic, Mike Taylor; Desert View Hospital, Michelle Hinds; All Creatures Animal Hospital, Suzanne Zervantian; Allstate Insurance, Roy Mankins; Vegas PBS, Cary Huddleston; Nye County District Attorney's Office, Daniel Young; NyE Communities Coalition, Sierra McKillips – Kaylee Harker; Valley Electric Association, Natalie Albertson - Jeff Holley – Jack Venezio; Pahrump Utilities Company, Gregory Hafen II; Nye County Administration, Joni Eastley; Wells Fargo Bank, Liliana Aguilar – Blanca Segura; Pahrump Valley Fire Department, Jim Medici; Nye County Sheriff's Office (Pahrump), Deputy Fernandez – Deputy Ferrell; Nye County Sheriff's Office (Beatty), Deputy Lynn – Deputy Sweet; Nevada Highway Patrol, Trooper Todd Sanders; Beatty Ambulance Service, Chuck Botos – Melodie Rivera; US Ecology, Blanca McClard; Tonopah Justice Court, Judge Jennifer Klapper; Beatty Justice Court, Susan Jackson; Nye County School District, Sheena Barnes – Michelle Wright; Beatty Mobile Massage Services, Wanda Bernhardt; Round Mountain Gold, Ranay Guifarro; Crescent Dunes Solar Plant, Curt Minges – Elaine Minges – Emily Campos; Spring Mountain Motorsports, Raquel Slusher - Todd Crutcher; The Culinary Academy of Las Vegas, Yesenia Trujillo; Roseman University, David Allen; The Art Institute, Shannon Coleman; GEAR UP Ambassadors from UNLV; UNR; GBC; NSC; CSN; GoToCollegeNV.

A special thanks to our chaperones who traveled with us.

Students were engaged with each business and college that was represented, learning about college and career readiness. In addition to the information, students also received many different keepsakes from the businesses and colleges.

The GEAR UP staff would also like to thank Superintendent Norton for attending the College and Career Fair, providing information to students and introducing the guest speaker.

Lisa Hamrick

GEAR UP Site Representative

Thank you from Shadow Mountain Quilters

Thank you to the Show Committee and to the many Shadow Mountain Quilters volunteers who worked long hours to bring the Pins & Needles Quilt & Needlework Show to the community. This beautiful display of quilted and needled artistry in 21 categories, many displaying the theme "In the Garden", were inspiring to see. Congratulations to the many winners and to those who entered their work for all to admire.

Many thanks to the NyE Communities Coalition for sharing their wonderful Activities Center for our judging, it was a perfect venue; to Miki Bryce and the Nevada Treasure RV Resort staff for going the extra mile to make our show a successful event; to the Pahrump Valley Times for helping us prepare ads; to the Pahrump Tourism Board and to the Pahrump Chamber of Commerce for helping publicize the show; to B&C Printing for always returning perfectly printed jobs in a timely fashion; to the vendors who offered visitors exciting shopping options; and to members of the community who offered their support by visiting the show.

On the first day of the show, the Shadow Mountain Quilters celebrated our membership into the Pahrump Valley Chamber of Commerce with a ribbon cutting, an exciting event that we will always remember.

We look forward to working with everyone again as we prepare for our 2017 show, which will be themed "Fantasy"!

Joyce Higginbotham, Chairman

Pins & Needles Quilt & Needlework Show

Republican central committee 'thank you'

My name is Leo Blundo. As Vice-Chairman for Nye County Republican Central Committee it has been an honor to serve the community in my term.

Voting is an important right we as Americans have. Our forefathers fought for this right... bled for this right... and died for this right.

Many generations forward, Americans have the right and freedom to vote. This is the core of liberty and freedom.

Thank you for participating at the Nevada Republican Caucus. Pahrump is a unique rural town I call home. A special thank you to: Joe Burdzinski, Paige Smeder, Commissioner Butch Borasky, Dwight Mazzone NCSO, Pahrump Senior Center Anne & Jim, Rita Prince, Jim McMurray and my Toastmasters Family, Renae and Ed Goedhart, the chairman and members of the NCRCC, and the volunteers putting in countless hours working on presidential campaigns.

Conservatively yours,

Leo Blundo

EDITORIAL: No taxes on tips? Watch for unintended consequences

“For those hotel workers and people that get tips, you’re going to be very happy, because when I get to office, we are going to not charge taxes on tips,” Mr. Trump said.

DMV upgrade could cost Nevada extra $300M amid rollout woes

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles’ modernization of its computer system could take longer than anticipated and cost the state more than $300 million in additional funding.

EDITORIAL: Biden extends state, local slush funds

Joe Biden’s aptly misnamed American Rescue Plan, passed in 2021, dedicated $350 billion for state and local governments to stem budget losses due to pandemic business closures and subsequent tax shortfalls.

‘Taking root’: Nevada’s future with psychedelic therapy

A Nevada working group will study the benefits of psychedelic medicine, such as magic mushrooms or “shrooms,” and make recommendations for future policies.